Where Are My Dish towels?

I was doing laundry this morning (a fairly common occurrence around here) and I realized that the once large collection of dish towels that I once had is dwindling.  They haven't disappeared, it's just that they've turned into rags or gotten so disgusting that they've gotten thrown out.

As I was throwing the laundry (including two dish towels) into the dryer, I remembered a chain letter that was going around in the 1990s (it may have even been the late 1980s which is really dating myself).  For those of you too young to know (and oh how that depresses me), in the days BEFORE email and texting (and yes, there were such days), there were chain letters.  (Not unlike those chain emails that you get in your spam box).  I recall distinctly someone sending me a chain letter about dish towels.  The whole deal (for those of you still not familiar with the concept) was to rewrite the letter (or retype if your hand writing stunk) and put your name on the bottom of the list (usually 2-10 people long).  You'd remove the first person's name and send that person 2 dish towels.  Then you'd send the new letter (with your name on it) to 10 friends and they would do the same, putting their name on the bottom of the list and moving your name up a notch.

I am pretty sure that I was naive (or maybe we should make that stupid) enough to send a total strange on the top of that list 2 brand new dish towels.  I'm also sure that I sent the letter on.  And yet, here I sit, over 20 years later and I still haven't gotten any dish towels?  Where are they?

Was I the only fool that send dish towels?  Did anyone (besides that total stranger that I send the dish towels to), ever get ANYTHING???

Could all of my problems be traced back to the fact that I never got ANY dish towels in the mail?  Or could it just be lack of sleep that has lead me to write this silly little blog entry about dish towels? (A phrase that at last count has appeared ten times in this entry?  Has there ever been a post that mentioned dish towels so much? And now I'm up to nearly dozen times that I have typed that phrase!)

Did anyone out there EVER get anything as a result of a chain letter?  This inquiring mind wants to know.

And, of course, if you want to send me a dish towel or two, well it might just change my life! ;)


  1. Pretty funny, I remember doing a couple chain mail type things when I was in middle school and I don't remember getting anything back either...these days postage is so darn expensive that no one would ever do them anymore.

  2. If it will make that much difference, I will send some dish towels! I do believe that most everyone benefits from new kitchen linens every once in a while.

    Lady Beth The Other


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