Talk to Me

I wasn't planning on writing this morning, but then something happened that got me thinking (as it usually does) and I just had to jot down a few words...

My husband (sorry to drag you into this honey) was trying to reconnect with an acquaintance today.  In doing so he reached out to some mutual friends.  One of them got back to him and let him know that this acquaintance was mad at him for something he did.  Only the thing is, what this person was angry about happened much earlier in the year AND my husband didn't do it.

But the point is not whether he did or did not do something.  The point is if somebody makes you mad or does something you don't like...tell them!  Email, call or maybe even do a face to face.  (Shocking thought I know!).  Assumption making and cryptic social media posts aren't going to make things better.  But going to the source of the problem just might.  On the other hand, it might not, but it's better than playing the old school game of telephone. (I hope you remember that one and that I am not showing my age!  But if I am, it's the game where someone whispers something to one person who then whispers it to another and then another until you get to the last person who says it out loud.  And usually by the time it gets to the last person the message is no where close to what the first person had said).

I have a friend who I don't often see and don't always agree with.  (OK, to be honest I think we often are diametrically opposed on issues.)  However, the one thing I really do like about her is that if there is a problem, she'll come right and let you know.  She'll say she's angry or hurt or bothered.  And I love her for that.  Whatever the problem is the air can be cleared.  Or if not, well then she can move on.  (There's nothing wrong with dropping a  so called friend or acquaintance if the friendship is not working).

I'm making a big assumption here...that we are all adults.  Or if we're not, we're mature enough to act like we are.  So when it comes down to it...if there's something that's bothering you, let the other person know.  There may be no reason to fuss and fume.  Or there very well may be.  But playing the telephone game (or maybe I should  call it the social media game to show how up to date I am!) gets you nowhere.  As a matter of fact, it can only make things worse as anger can fester and grow.

If you've got an issue, problem, whatever with someone, go to the source.  No matter what the outcome, YOU'LL be the better person for it.


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