Thursday Randomness: Health

Warning:  while this post will not be too gross (I hope), I am going to talk about some random, but not serious health stuff.  So if you're not into that (or you think you'll get too grossed out), you've been warned. If you are made of stronger stuff, keep going and feedback is always welcome.

 First off, the left knee weird injury finally seems to be "healed".  (I'm hesitant to say that.)  It's been over 2 months!  (What's up with that?)  I've been able to go back to some in home walking, modifying as I feel my knee needs and only doing 30 minutes (versus my "usual" 60 or more).  Last week, I walked to the bus stop and home.  There was some discomfort/knee awareness, but not much.  I went for a slow outdoor walk earlier this week and although I went slow, that could also be because I wasn't wearing any socks and I was rubbing the back of my heel.  (When will I EVER learn that I have to wear socks when walking?  WEAR socks!)  I love a nice spring walk, only it isn't spring yet.  While I love to be outside with only a sweatshirt, I'm thinking that's not what February should look like and I don't want to get lulled into complacency and THINK that it's spring when it's not. (I'm also worried about the fact that we've had NO measurable snow this winter and what that means?  If I take down on little front lawn snowman measuring stick are we suddenly going to get slammed?  Or will this truly be a winter without white?)  I also walked to the bus stop and back this week and had no real issues.  Am I finally back?  

Which brings me to another TMI "issue."  I've been noticing over the past year that exercising brings more sweat (not a bad thing) and smells.  Or should I be blunt and say odor.  The underarms always require deodorant, but the everyday stuff doesn't seem to be cutting it.  Additionally, while all (most?) ladies have to deal with "boob sweat" (yes, it's real), there seems to be an odor there too. (Maybe I just never noticed it before?)  For that later issue a nice calming dash of Gold Bond Comfort powder with aloe and chamomile  seems to do the trick. (I wonder if their body powder spray would help with the underarm issue.)  For the "smelly pits" bit, I've moved up from the "regular" stick deodorant, to the "clinical strength" (what does that mean?)  It seems to help (and for the price of dormant these days it SHOULD), but I did notice yesterday that my underarm area was very red and raw, but not rashy.  It could be the deodorant (which I've been using for several weeks) or it could be the bra that I was wearing yesterday which was not very comfortable (no matter what the manufacturer says).  As a result I'm not wearing either today (letting it all hang out...or hang low?) put have used the Gold Bond Comfort powder with aloe and chamomile  which does calm, but doesn't completely deal with the odor issue.  

Of course this could all be exacerbated by stress.  I am all about the stress; and while it's something I continue to try and reduce, it's there.  There's there in work, in family, in EVERY aspect of life.  I know, I need to try to do better in dealing with it...I'm a work in progress.

One of the things that has been stressing me out (and there are MANY) is that my right ear seemed to be clogged.  It didn't hurt, but it just hasn't been right and there is a little pressure.  This has been going on for several weeks and when I seemed to develop a bit of sinus/head congestion last week, I decided it was time to bite the bullet (and shell out the increased co-pay) and see a doctor.  (Or, PA as it turned out.)  

I haven't been to a doctor for illness in a long time, and the practice (or should I say the medical corporation, because that's what they've all turned into) requires 2 appointments.  One to test for Covid/Flu (blissfully negative) and then one to see the medical professional.  This tacks on an additional 20 minutes or so of waiting in the car (and not being able to find a parking space), but once I was actually in, I didn't have to wait too long.  The PA said there wasn't wax or inflammation, but saw some fluid.  She felt it might be allergies (why not?) so she told me to take over the counter antihistamine and prescribed a nasal spray.  If that didn't seem to help after a few days, she also provided a 5 day regime of prednisone, which I did start on Monday.  While the ear seems a "little better," I'm not sure if this is working.  

What it may be doing is interrupting my sleep.  (Although that doesn't seem to be a listed side effect.)  Ever since Monday night, I've been waking up and staying awake for an hour plus.  Five hours a night doesn't cut it for me.  I really like sleep!

I'm also waking up warm (not sweaty).  Hot flashes?  I'm overdue for them, but it doesn't seem to match what I've read.  Maybe it's time to switch out to cooler sheets?  I did have the window open a bit last night because the low temperature was 51!  (In February?)  Or maybe not since it's supposed to get down to 27 tomorrow night.  (Climate change...we're ready to admit it's a thing right?)

Just maybe all of this is making me a little more stressed out...not that it takes much for me.  It's a vicious cycle, right?  At the very least I maybe I can blame this post and too much TMI on nose spray and steroid?  It may not be true, but that's what I'm going to claim, least least for now.


  1. Lume deodorant is great. You can put it everywhere and it lasts over two days if you forget to put more on. Amberen for the hot flashes.


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