Snow Free January

 Okay, so that's not completely true.  We did have some flakes this January.  Why just last week:  

However, while the snow came down heavy at times, we didn't get a measurable amount.  And by the evening it had all washed away with the rain.

As I wrote this it was "snowing" meaning that a few flakes were coming down and my roof was slightly dusty, but again there was no measurable amount of snow.

You would think I would be happy.  I am NOT a snow person.  While I will admit that I enjoy seeing the snow fall AND seeing the ground covered in a couple of inches from the window in my nice warm house makes me smile, I'm NOT one who likes what comes next.  That would be the shoveling, the cleaning up and the mounds that may start off as white, but quickly turn dingy gray.   It means slick roads (and careless drivers) and slippery walkways.

I'm not a winter person at all.  That much is probably obvious.  I don't like the massive amounts of clothing that I have to put on.  The coat, the hat, the scarf, the gloves...and while I like fashionable boots, I'm not a fan of the heavy ones that you need to keep your feet warm and dry.  I like hot baths and cuddly, warm beds, but I don't like dark days and mornings where getting out of bed is a chore because it's still dark and cold.

I am a warm weather person.  I like sunshine and sitting on my patio.  (I like sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand even more, but that's another story.)  I like getting up WITH the sun (not before) and feeling energized and ready to go.  I like walking in the fresh air.  (I like easy hikes in the mountains even more.)  I am NOT a snow person; I am NOT a winter person.

HOWEVER, with all that said, I do like having four seasons.  (Although it's clear that winter is my least favorite of the four.)  While I may not like cold and snow, I do expect it.  And when we don't get it, I start to worry.

We DID have some frigid weather last year around Christmas.  Weather that went from unseasonably warm with heavy rain which resulted in flooding to brutally cold which resulted in frozen roads.  (Hence I didn't get to see my father until after the holiday.)  The cold was wicked, but (thankfully) it didn't last too long.  Temperatures have been seasonable since then mostly, although we've had some wamish days.  I don't mind the warm days, but I know that they are not "right."  They are not what we SHOULD be having and I should NOT get into the warm weather mindset since winter is still around.

We've entered February with no real snow.  Do I like the lack of snow?  Yes.  Does it worry me?  YES!  Does no snow in January mean LOTS of snow in February?  Does it mean cold and snow in March, when we are dreaming of spring?  I fear a blizzard the first weekend in March when my son's high school musical is scheduled.  I have trepidation over icy conditions in late March when the music students are supposed to head to WDW.  Will Easter bring snow and spring break be frosty?

All of these things come to mind as we enter February.  While I may not like the cold and snow, it is a necessary part of the season.  When it doesn't happen, it's NOT a good thing.  I'm not going to get into a  discussion over climate change, but...

Here's hoping we have a some snow early on in this month to make up for what we are missing and that temperatures settle at where they SHOULD be for this time of year.  Then, I'll be happily ready for spring.

(Note:  As I post this, on the first day of February, it is snowing.  Of course it's just another dusting that will disappear by the end of the day, but will make a fun commute to the office.  How many days to spring?)


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