Double Exposure

 Just last week I was warning that "it" wasn't over.  Then Monday, I mentioned that I was exposed to someone who had tested positive for Covid.  Turns out that wasn't quite right.  I wasn't exposed, I was DOUBLE exposed.  Yes, I was exposed twice over the weekend!  After over two years of this dreaded plague (and having it for Christmas), I'm exposed TWICE!

Now I shouldn't be too worried.  In the first instance, I was outdoors.  In the second, I was indoors, but in general not too close to the person who tested positive for an extended period of time.  It's been less than 6 months since I had Covid.  (Who could forget a Covid Christmas?) However...

I'll take an at home test 5 days after the exposure.  (Any earlier and I could get a false negative...I want a TRUE negative. BE NEGATIVE!)  We're doing our best to stay away from people (socially distant isn't too difficult for my husband and myself...for my son, it's a different story) and definitely mask up when it comes to going anywhere.  (Just when I thought I had too many masks left over)

I have no symptoms nor does anyone else in my family...yet.  The thing is we are in the middle of a heavy pollen season.  (Who knew there was a pollen season?  Well, there is: So if I feel a little sneezy or a headache, is it a sign of impending Covid doom or just the misery of allergies.  Of course, it could be both.  There's not rule that says you can't have both at the same time.  (And I am sure there are plenty of people who have.)  As it has been incredibly windy in our area, the allergens are blowing all over the's a wonder I haven’t turned into Allergy Annie.  

(Yes, she is a real thing.  A doll from the late 1960s and I would SWEAR I had one, but can find no evidence of it.  But how else would I remember her so clearly and perfectly?)

So I am trying to be positive; at least in my mindset, not in my testing...that is the only place I want and NEED negativity. 

Even if the family escapes the clutches of this newest variant, I'll be wearing my mask when I go out.  Because it's NOT over...and if double exposure doesn't prove that, I don't know what does.


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