Don't Bother Me I'm Stress Eating


Not to be confused with boredom eating or actual hunger.  (Me, eat because I'm actually HUNGRY?  Really????)

Let me just say that I KNOW I shouldn't be doing this.  I KNOW this is mindless eating.  I KNOW I shouldn't be eating Utz Pub Mix non-stop.  (Let me say I'm blaming whoever it was who used to order snacks for the office, back in the days when I had a physical office that I WANTED to go to, who got me completely addicted to this stuff.)  If I am going to stuff my face with anything, it SHOULD be something healthy and not something that turns my fingers orange and salty.  

But this isn't about knowledge.  It's about immediate comfort. (Comfort that I will come to regret later...and I KNOW I WILL regret it so why am I doing it in the first place?  This is NOT about being rational!)  This is about feeding my emotions and not my hunger.  No need to tell me it's wrong (I know it is) or that there are other avenues I could take (I know).  There are so many other things I COULD do, yet I choose to blindly stress eat, so don't bother me and let me stress eat.

I'm dealing with a variety of issues that are pushing me to delve into that big bucket of unhealthy goodness.  They are (In no particular order):

  • Son's directing one-act play this Friday (and I know the show isn't ready).  I'll be there manning the refreshment stand and trying to raise money for scholarships.  Because I am running the scholarship committee...why not?
  • Wet, miserable weather for most of the past two weekends.  Everything I touch is...moist.  (The word that makes everyone cringe unless you are referring to a double chocolate cake.)
  • Covering for a co-worker for the past couple of weeks and freely admit that I don't know much about her job (even as I do it). 
  • Birds have decided to nest (as they seem to want to do every year) in our front awnings; only this year they seem to have more poop then they have in past years.
  • New process at work; and now I am creating proposals which I have not done before.  Not (necessarily) difficult, but time consuming).
  • Mom is headed back to the hospital.  Don't know exactly what the problem is but hallucinations are part of it.  Having my dad at home alone for a couple of hours (as their caregiver is the one taking her) is not optimal.
  • Ants have to decide to try move into our bathroom.  (NOT our kitchen...I'm thankful for that.)  (I have a fear that they will move into my son's room...there's enough junk in there for them to feast on and/or hid under.)
  • More (stupid) standardized testing for my son next week.  I believe its 4 mornings (although it could be 5).  He's just finished taking an AP exam two weeks ago and SATs the day after that.  If it's stressful for him
  • Exposed to a person with Covid over the weekend.  Can't test until later in the week (to get reliable results).  Exposure was outside, but who knows?  It's back to masks for us. (And will my son keep that mask on in school when I know the majority of students are NOT wearing them despite the increase in cases in our area.

It's not one of these things that is stressing me out; it is all of them.  So as wrong as it may be, I'm digging into that tub.  There are worse things I could do than gain a pound or two (or 5 or 10).


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