What To Do Today?


Today we "celebrate" Martin Luther King Jr Day.  I put "celebrate" in quotes because I don't think it's a day that we should be having some sort of massive party, but should be a day of honor, remembrance and service.  To fulfill his dream that still has not completely come true.  Perhaps we could "celebrate" by reaching out to our fellow man in service?  (That service might look different for each person; and that's okay.) 

It is also Betty White's 100th birthday.  She didn't make it to 100 (and I blame People Magazine for that...I say that only partially in jest), but to honor her you can take the Betty White Challenge and make a donation (suggested at $5 or more) to your local animal shelter.  I have done so in her honor and think that perhaps this should be an annual challege.  Think of all the good that could be done.

So today, I am thinking of Martin Luther King Jr and Betty White.  What do they have in common?  Simply put, they both were "good" people.  Two very different people; but both committed in their own way to make this world a better place.  For Dr. Martin Luther King Jr it was obviously intentional.  His life's work was to make our world a better, fairer place.  A place where all were treated equally; no matter what the color of their skin. 

Betty White, why she was "just" an actress.  Or was she?  Her devotion to animals is well known and she used her celebrity to better the lives of animals.  But she was also knew how to do the right thing.  As has been more recently documented, when she had her very own variety show, The Betty White Show back in the early 1950 she refused to bow to the demands of some southern stations to remove a regular guest performer, Arthur Duncan, an African American tap dancer.  This could have (and might have) had an impact on the show's revenue and her career, but Betty White did what was right.

So, in honor of these two people, today and going forward, let's do what is right.  I don't need to tell you what that is.  I believe that deep down we all know what is right and what isn't.  We have a choice to do right or not.  Sometimes the choice is easy and sometimes it's not. 

Do what is right.  Treat all with respect.  Treat our world (be it person, animal or any part of nature) with kindness.  Make this world a better place by simply doing good.

What to do today?  Do something good.  Take the Betty White Challenge.  Call a friend or relative just to check in.  Be involved in causes you believe in.  Let your voice be hurt.  Help those who cannot help themselves.  Be a part of the solution.  Live with positivity and not negativity.

What do do today or any day?  Do good.


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