40 Some Years Later...

 Let me take you back to another century; another time...Lets go back to 1977. I was still in elementary school and the Nancy Drew series of books were my favorite.  (They still rank up there.)  In January of that year, ABC was going to be airing a new series, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.  I had read some Hardy Boys, but wasn't moved.  Nancy Drew was my idol; so I was anxious to watch the show which aired at 7 PM on Sunday nights.  Each week would be either a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy "show" and I was disappointed to find that the Hardy Boys were the first up.  I watched the first episode, and as was obviously carefully plotted by network execs, I was hooked on the handsome duo.  When the Nancy Drew episode aired the next week I was disappointed.  I LOVED the books so much and the show did not match up.  I didn't have such an association with the Hardy Boys, so it didn't matter if characters were different than they were in the books.  

At the time, I was an avid reader of teen magazines (Who remembers 16Teen Beat and Tiger Beat) and of course Parker Stevenson (Frank Hardy) and Shaun Cassidy (Joe Hardy) were prominently featured in every issue.  Who was cuter?  In my pre-teen mind it varied from week to week.  But then before the end of the first season of the show, an episode had Shaun Cassidy sing and...Do I have to say more?  I got "Da Doo Run Run" as a 45 and then his self-titled first album.  (Looking back now, I owe my father an apology for making his track these down on his lunch hour in NYC.  A fine example of the embarrassing things we do for our children right?)

I was an unabashed tween with my devotion.  I watched all the episodes.  (Nancy Drew eventually vanished from the series; which probably had nothing to do with the actors and everything to do with the adolescent hormonal fan base.)  I got the albums.  (I was going to say bought, but I'm pretty sure they were purchased for me.)  When the series ended, I still listened to the albums and even watched the short lived series, "Breaking Away."  I was devastated when Shaun got married (and I'm sure I wasn't the only member of the 13 and under crowd that was crushed).  However, I eventually got over it and moved on.  (Just as the teen magazines told me I should; so many idols, so little time.)

Now here I am in my 50s (why do I gulp every time I say that?)  I still have my Shaun Cassidy albums (though not my 45). I have watched some of the shows he's written and produced (American Gothic and Ruby and the Red Jets to mention two).  I HAVEN'T bought (or tried) his wine (I'm more than willing to, but they don't ship to NJ).  However, I do follow Shaun Cassidy on social media.  (Why wouldn't I?)  When he started touring last year I really wanted to see him.  (My inner tween was screaming.)  However, the only time he was playing at a venue nearby, my boys and I were going to be away on vacation.  (I've matured enough NOT to give up a vacation for a teen idol.  I'm also "old" because I don't want to drive a long distance to see a show.  I've aged up to "too old for rock n roll road trips.")  Total bummer, but I've managed to survive.

But then he posted that he was touring again this summer.  Most of the dates (particularly those around my birthday in June) were on the other side of the country, but then a listing came up that WAS in my neck of the woods.  (Note:  I do not consider Atlantic City my neck of the woods.)  Tickets were set to go on sale for the last two dates of the tour today at 10 AM.  

With the giddiness of the tween fan that I once was, I was on the site and ready to buy before 10.  The link was not yet up so I kept hitting refresh.  The clock struck 10 and STILL no link.  I could feel the anxiety creeping in...I forced myself to close the page and turn to work.  A few more minutes passed and I went back.  The link was UP!  

I clicked only to find that "access was restricted".  Tickets were only available for theater members.  I had a second of panic before I remember that Shaun had posted a special code for early booking.  I copied that sucker and pasted it to the correct spot and...voila!  I was in and ready to get my ticket!  (You don't think I was dragging my husband to this do you?)  It was just five (or so) minutes after 10 and the first few rows in the center were already gone.  A few rows back there were seats, but I spied a lone seat on the left (that's stage right Shaun) that was almost to the center aisle that was first row.  Do I have to say I snapped it up?  I don't think I do.

I grabbed it and tried to log in using Facebook (as the site said I could), but it wouldn't let me.  Did I panic?  No, but I'll admit a little anxiety as I created an account for the venue's website and got my ticket.  A ticket which I printed out (yes, OLD SCHOOL) and sits, staring at me, by the left side of my monitor.

Now this long time Shaun Cassidy fan just has to wait 5 months and 1 day (not that I'm counting) until she finally sees her teen idol.  And as he sang on the album Born Late (which I have pointed out I still have and sits on the shelf in the sun parlor/music room between Shaun Cassidy and Under Wraps), I will "believe in the magic of the young girl's soul. Believe in the magic of a rock 'n' roll. Believe in the magic that can set you free."  (And yes, I know it was written by John Sebastian and originally sung by The Lovin' Spoonful, but Shaun's version did hit #31 in 1978 and that's the version that this girl holds in her heart.)


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