All About Accountability

 Accountability:  it seems to be the word of the hour.  It's been an important part of my vocabulary for a long time.  I blogged about it all the way back in 2017 (all the way back?):  I still feel the same way today.

When I say accountability today it reflects something different than when I first wrote the words.  As I sit here today I have seen accountability in action.  I hope it is a reminder and a movement forward.  Accountability can't be applied to just some; it applies to ALL.  We are all accountable for our words and actions no matter who we are.  

For too long we, as a nation and as a world, seem to have forgotten that.  We've ignored accountability for some people.  We've turned a blind eye, something we should never do.  Something we CANNOT do any longer.

In a country where we claim that all are equal, all need to be held accountable equally.  If three people:  the President, someone who is homeless, and I each steal a million dollars, each of us is accountable for this action.  It shouldn't matter (I want to say it doesn't, but sadly in my heart I know that isn't true) what position we hold in life.  The reasons behind the theft may be different, but each of us must be held accountable and then fairly judged in a court of law. The outcome may be different for each of us based on the fact and circumstances, but each of us needs to be held to the same overall standard.  If we want to truly be a land of equality, we need to treat each one equally.  No one is greater or lesser.  Different, yes, but NOT "better" or "worse."

No matter what the circumstances, we need to step up and accept that we are responsible for our lives and for our actions.  Whatever we do, we ARE accountable.

It's a simple concept.  One that children can and do understand.  (Unless they are taught otherwise; and sadly that seems all too often to be the case.)

As a country, it seems as though we have taken a step forward.  We need to continue to move forward.  We cannot let one person's or group's words drown out another.  We need to ACT with respect to our fellow man/woman.  We need to remember that there truly is only one race, and that is the human race.  And as human beings, we are accountable.

No matter where you are, remember, YOU are accountable for YOU.  YOU are accountable.


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