Screened in

 Every year, the day after Halloween, my husband take the screens out of our storm doors and replaces them with glass.  It may get cold before Halloween, but we don't taken them out before because the one year we did (quite a while ago), a super strong Spiderman came looking for some candy and pounded on the glass, cracking it.  (Not breaking it...Spiderman was not injured and DID get candy.)  Even though we knew kids would not be knocking this year (we left the candy outside on a platter), we still kept the screen in until November 1st.

Instead of putting them away in storage (like we usually do), this year we needed to take them in for repair.  One screen had a tear (that I had patched), the other was detaching from the frame and the two other small ones were fine.  We decided to take all 4 in to be rescreened so that they would all be good to go next spring.

Unfortunately, the local place (which was within walking distance) where we had always taken the screens for repair, had closed down. So we needed to find a new, relatively local place that would fix them.  Earlier in the year, we had a pane of glass break in a small window by our fireplace.  The place we had gotten to repair it had done a good job.  They had come quickly to fix it and were relatively reasonable in price.  I was pleased with their service, so I checked out their website which said they also did screen repair. 

So hubby takes the screens in for repair.  The man in the shop gives him a price if we pay in cash.  (There is a convenience fee if you pay with a credit card.  That never thrills me, but I do understand it.  It's why when there IS a fee, I always try to go for cash.)  Told him that it would take about a day and they would call when ready.

Sure enough the next day they call.  Hubby is out on a call (doing computer/technical work), so I decide to handle it on my own.  I walk in with the exact amount quoted in cash.  I don't often carry a lot of cash, and in order to make sure I had the exact amount, I had to use change to come up with the last couple of bucks. When I go to pay, the woman asked for $5 more than what he had been quoted.  Of course he didn't have anything in writing.  I told her I only had the exact amount he had been quoted.  After some back and forth (and her going to speak with someone, who I am assuming was the boss/owner), they agree on the original price.   Without a second glance, I take the 4 screens to the car and head home. 

I was almost there when hubby calls me and lets me know he's done for the day.  He needs a ride.  So I turn around and go get him.  When we get home I make him carry the screens in.  And that's when he notices that one of them is not properly attached to the frame. (Yes I SHOULD have checked before I left the store!)  Another one seems to be very loose.  Sigh.

The next day, I call and explain the situation.  The lady says to bring them back.  So we do.  Hubby is told it won't take long and may even be finished that day.  They'll call us.  We go home.

Three days pass.  No call.  We figure they have forgotten to call, so on Saturday we drive up.  They are closed.  (Despite the fact that it says on the website that they are open...this always annoys me!)

We go back the following Tuesday.  (Remember Mondays are busy work days for me:  They are open, but the screens aren't done.  They are almost done; guy says they should be ready the next day.

Wednesday comes and goes.  Thursday comes and goes.  I'll stop there and just say that on Monday (approximately a week and half after we'd left the screens that hadn't been properly fixed the first time), they called and said the screens were ready.

And they were.  They were not tight as screens usually are, but they were finished and we had enough at this point.

The screens are all now back in storage.  We'll pull them out when the warm weather returns next spring.  (Hopefully early next spring.)  And when we need them repaired (because you know at some point we will), we will NOT be taking them back there.  This place might have been ok for glass repair, but screen repair...not so much.  I've already found another place in town (how did I miss it on when I first looked?  Shame on me!) and if they are still around I'll give them a try.

Workmanship counts.  Customer service counts.  When both are not up to par...I'll find a place that is. I support local businesses.  I support local businesses that take their business seriously and are accountable.  I hope you do too.


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