One More Day


I'm guessing that most of you who read this blog are residents of the United States of America.  (Although I don't feel like we're very united right now.)  If you are not, my apologies, this post doesn't really apply to you, but feel free to continue to read. 

Tomorrow is Election Day.  (You probably know this even if you are NOT an American.  There's been way too much news and even I've done more than my regular share of blogging about it: and  Of course, this being a highly unusual year, I'm not doing my usual "thing;" meaning that I will not be at my usual polling place before the sun rises.  I have already cast my ballot and placed it in a secure ballot box in town.  It was easy; it was safe.  Sadly, I've heard that this is NOT the case everywhere in the country.

As a country, we pride ourselves on our freedom.  That also means the freedom to cast our vote as we please.  That means you have the freedom to vote for a Democrat or a Republican or any other party.  You can even write in a name if you want to (although I wouldn't advise that).  You have the freedom to do what YOU want to do.  It is YOUR right; it is YOUR freedom.

I can try to influence you.  (I'm not going to though.)  I could tell you who I voted for.  (I'm not going to) I could tell you why I did so.  (Because I felt the candidates that I voted for were best suited for the job based on what they have done previously and other research that I did.)  What I WILL not and what NO ONE should do is coerce you into voting for someone.  That goes against the very principles that this country was built on.  That is one of the most UNAMERICAN things a person could do.  (Don't even try to tell me it's not.) We are supposed to be living in a country free from tyranny; your ability to vote as you wish is your personal right. And if the coercion in any way is threatening to you it is CRIMINAL. Report it!

I also know that I am blessed because I was able to simply drive downtown (I could have walked) and placed my ballot in the box.  The whole process (including the drive) took less than 10 minutes. I know that's not true for many people.  I know there are places where there is only one ballot box for an entire county and people are forced to drive a great distance just to cast their vote.  Sadly, others, who are reliant on public transportation face even great challenges.  I sincerely hope, no matter WHO you are voting for, that you are able to do so.  And while I feel that there need to be change to make the process less challenging for everyone, it is up to each of us as individuals to voice as to how that should happen.  Remember, even those who are not up for re-election this year WILL be in the future.  If you are not happy with the process, make sure you share your thoughts with your elected officials and remind them that you are not a one-time voter.  We need to hold our elected officials to their words and deeds.  If we are not happy with how things are going, we have the RESPONSIBILITY to vote that individual out.  Even if that person has been in "power" for a long time.  What many of our representatives (on all levels) seem to have forgotten is that they are PUBLIC SERVANTS; they SERVE the people.  Those people have the right and indeed the duty to remove them from office when they cease to do so (I know that's oversimplifying, but...)

So in a nutshell, get out there and vote.  Make your voice heard.  Make your opinion and thoughts count.

Finally, don't expect to get results quickly.  It is highly unlikely during a pandemic.  Although it could happen, it's unrealistic.  Be patient and let YOUR vote be counted.


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