My Modest Proposal: We Need Zero Tolerance

It's been in the news lately; people crossing the border ILLEGALLY and as a result being treated like the criminals they are.  They, and those who came with them, are all GUILTY of ILLEGALLY being in our country.  They are put in a detention facility and stay there until due process of the law can be handed out.

This is a great idea!  Putting it in place should deter people from entering our county ILLEGALLY. I have nothing against immigration, you just need to follow the rules and the laws.  No matter how long it may take; laws are enacted for a reason and we ALL must follow the law.

With that sad, the whole idea of Zero Tolerance is one that we need to take a step further.  If it works to keep people from entering our country illegally, think of how well it would work in other aspects of our legal system!  It could prevent a HOST of crimes.

For example, how many drivers have you seen turning right on red, when the sign says clearly NOT to do so?  They are breaking the law.  That person behind the wheel has done something ILLEGAL and as such needs to be treated as the criminal that they are.  We need to have NO tolerance for ANYONE who breaks the law.  A simple ticket is NOT enough.  How many millions of traffic tickets are written each year when someone breaks the law?  Wouldn't people think twice about turning right on red if they KNEW that if they were caught in this illegal act that they would be handcuffed and taken to a detention facility?  If everyone in the car, not just the driver, was taken to the detention facility, what a powerful lesson that would be!  (Of course those who were just passengers would eventually be released unless it was learned that they encouraged the driver to make the illegal turn. It would set an example for all involved!  Not just zero tolerance, but a TEACHABLE moment!) Think of how much SAFER our streets would be!  

Any time ANY law is violated we MUST have Zero Tolerance, no matter what the circumstance.  For example if someone, other than an officer of the law or emergency responder in an official vehicle, runs a red light; he or she should be prosecuted for breaking the law.  It doesn't matter if the person was simple careless or rushing an ill or injured party to the emergency room; Zero Tolerance is just that.  Laws are enacted to be ALL and under ALL circumstances.

Of course I am not just talking about traffic violations.  ALL illegal acts MUST be taken seriously; whether it is shoplifting or murder.  CRIME is CRIME!  Those who break the law; including "white collar" crimes.  Illegal is illegal. Committing an illegal act needs to be treated with Zero Tolerance; no matter who, no matter what.  ALL who have broken the law should be treated equally and with NO tolerance.  Murderers can share a cell with an embezzler.  They have both broken the law and in doing so they MUST be incarcerated and punished to the full extent to the law, no matter what.

Zero Tolerance is the answer to ALL our problems with crime.  Setting an example and punishing ALL who are involved in ANY way whatsoever in an illegal act will most certainly act as a deterrent.  Crime rates will drop!  Fear will evaporate.  It will almost be like living in a utopia!

Establish Zero Tolerance across the board and see how good life will be! 

(If you enjoyed this blog post; I encourage you to read You may know Jonathan Swift from Gulliver's Travels, but he wrote so much more.  And this is one of my FAVORITE pieces of satire.  Maybe someday I'll be as good as Swift...)


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