A Toast To Diane

All too often, we say neglect to tell the people we love how much we love them.  All too often we don't tell people how much we appreciate them.  We don't say enough nice things.  We're busy and time races on and before we know it...well it's too late.  

Thankfully for me, I was able to say the following to a good friend and teacher.  She was leaving her job, a position that had meant a great deal to her.  She needed to move on.  As sad as that might be, I understood.  We all need to move on at one time or another.  

So this seemed to be the perfect time for me to say a few words.  To let her know how much I and others appreciated her.  I think she knew it already, but it never hurts to let the ones we love know how much we love and care about them.  It never hurts to let ANYONE know how much they mean to you.

In a world that is all too often unkind, kind words need to be said.  They need to be frequently.  They need to be said with feeling.  And they need to be heard.

Below is what I said to my friend one evening as a group of us gathered together: 

We are not here tonight to be sad.  We are not here to be angry. We are not here tonight to rehash history.  Right now, in this instant, we are here for one reason:  Diane.

Diane, we are here to celebrate you.  You have touched each person in this room; you have changed us, you have transformed us.  Some of us in this room have a few things we want to say.  Others are unable to put into words what you know is in their hearts.

As I have nominated myself the head of this whole celebration, I will start by quoting from the musical Godspell.  Diane,"YOU are the light of the world. You’ve got to stay bright to the be the light of the world.   So let your light so shine before men.  Let your light so shine.  So that they might know some kindness again.  We all need help to feel fine.  (Let’s have some wine.)"

We will have some wine…or other beverage and we will toast to you Diane in just a few moments.  I would ask that if anyone else would like to share something to please do so now.

(And people did.  But their words and music were not mine, so I will just say after expressing ourselves, I pulled out the Dixie cups.  Yes, they were Dixie cups.  That's what I recall being used during at the end of Act I of Godspell, so that's what I brought.  That at some not too expensive wine:  http://www.mommystimeout.net/home)

A toast: Please raise your Dixie Cups:   To Diane.  Musician, teacher, mentor, friend.  We love you and always will. 

(Take the time to toast those you love.  Take the time to let them know how much they mean to you.  Time races by.  But find the time.  You'll be glad you did.)


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