You Can't Get There From Here...

Since the spring it's been nearly impossible to get from one end of my town to the other without encountering a road block.  Today road x is closed; tomorrow avenue Y is only one lane.  Now my town is small; less than 3 square miles.  (Which is why I was able to walk every street in town over the summer:  With traffic and construction getting from my end of town (and I do live on the far east side) to the other, which is less than two miles, can take 10 minutes!

It's mostly the result of PSE&G digging up and replacing gas lines.  And while I am grateful that they are doing this important work (Believe me I am!  No more exploding manholes!), the process is driving me crazy.  (And I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one.)  

Of course my town is not the only town that PSE&G is doing their work.  They've been diligently working in towns all around me.  Which makes it all the more difficult to get from home to work.  Its bad enough I have to deal with Route 3 (a total nightmare as anyone who takes it on a weekday will attest), but every day it's a new challenge to figure out how to get to the highway!

On the way home at night it's another challenge. Roads that were closed during the day MIGHT now be open.  Other roads might now be closed.  Do I get off at this exit and try to figure out which roads to take?  Or do I wait it out and go further and hope that the bridge is open to traffic again.  (Spoiler:  I tried the other night; the bridge is NOT open.)

If I looked at the bright side (which I SHOULD do, but don't do enough), I'd say that I'm learning all sorts of new things about the roads and towns around me.  I can now zig and zag to get from one point to another.  As straight line is not always the fastest way to get to a destination.  (Of course there is no fast way.)

Being autumn now, I would assume (a dangerous proposition) that work would wrap up before snowfall/winter.  Of course if we have a mild winter (and we certainly didn't have much of a summer), they'll probably keep working.  I'll keep detouring and bitching and moaning.  (But never cursing.  As much as I have complained in this post, I am grateful for the work:  as well as also being happy that I am NOT the one who has to do it.  You go PSE&G.)


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