Fundraising Season

Fall is not just back to school time; it's back to sell time.  For the past month and a half I've been either putting my hand out for donations (middle school music program, walk to raise awareness for suicide prevention) or doling out money (Boy Scouts, annual church stewardship drive, school beautification).  I swear people are starting to run away from me when they see me!

Yesterday we wrapped up the school music program fundraiser.  I've been raising money for the school music program since I was a kid.  "Back in the day" I toted candy bars (always popular at school) and sold/made hoagies (also known as subs or heroes).  Now a days (at least in the middle school my day it was only the high school that did fundraising, but back then the middle school music program was not as strong), there is the annual "Cheesecake" sale.  Now we don't just peddle cheesecake, there are a variety of cakes, piece and cookie doughs, but it is the focus.  And there is also an online store where alternative/non-edible purchases can be made.  This is serious stuff.

Can you guess what I've been doing for the past two weeks? Yes, I'VE been selling cheesecake.  That is NOT to say that my son has not being doing his share as well, but they tell you not to go door to door.  He did visit several neighbors to get some orders.  He also made his own "unique" announcement about the sale at church and the two of us stood at a table during coffee hour to drum up some business.  (The plan was to do it for two Sundays, but the first Sunday, after he made the announcement, he had his first confirmation class which ran over time and by the time we were finished everyone was pretty much done with coffee hour.  And the girl from the next town over had successfully sold several cheesecakes which goes toward her high school music program!  Same stuff, same time EVERY year...I'd like to think it's a friendly competition.)  But as the "mom" I'll admit I did most of the "selling."

I sent out emails to friends locally.  I sent out different emails to friends who were NOT local (this is where the on line store comes into play.)  I brought in the catalog to my office and got the word out.  I brought the catalog with me to my choir rehearsal (church) and to the thrift shop where I volunteer.  And of course, I made it known on social media as well.  Yes, I was selling, Selling, SELLING!

All this leads up to last night where I had to total everything up.  I make up my own spreadsheet because the one we are given to make sales never has enough lines. (Plus this way I can save the sheet electronically from year to year and pull it up with ease.  "Would you like what you ordered last year?  It was chocolate chunk cookie dough and still only costs $16") However, I ALWAYS make an error somewhere and can NEVER figure out what I've done wrong.  I check my sums.  I check my spreadsheet.  My husband checks things.  This went on for an hour last night.  (I didn't help that I had a splitting headache from sitting in traffic for an hour and a half that evening.)  Finally my husband noted that I had put down 2 pumpkin pies, when I had 3 sold.  That made things somewhat better but my total was still off by $20.  Since there was one item that sold for that amount (cheesecake drop anyone?), I knew I had missed one.  Another review and FINALLY everything matched up.  All that was left was for me to write one GIGANTIC check. (They don't want a million checks floating around; I totally get that.  So every purchase had to be either cash or a check made out to me.)  That wiped out the checking account!

One fundraiser down!  I'm still taking donations for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  (Walk is next Sunday...hoping for a warmish, sunny weekend because no one likes to walk in the rain AND the day before my son  and his friends are supposed to paint a Halloween theme on a local business's front window AND if it rains that day the rain date is...Sunday!  Church, window painting and walking all in one day IS pushing it a little.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!) And Stewardship/Pledge Sunday is just one week after that.  (Hope the checkbook has recovered by then!)  Then it's all over...

Until November...when those cheesecakes arrive...30 orders.  To be organized by customer and address.  To be delivered all over town.  I guess it's not over after it ever???


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