Just Say Something Nice...

We all know that Mondays are not fun days.  Start of a new work week and doesn't it always seem like everything is piling up?

Sure things go wrong in life, but on Mondays they seem to pile on top of each other.  Little nothings that are simply minor irritations.  But when one comes on top of another on top of another...

Like when you go to the grocery store on your lunch hour and you find the perfect parking place, only to have someone snatch it right in front of your eyes. (So much for trying to be polite!)
Or when you go in the store and what you looking for is piled under a whole bunch of other stuff and after you dig through it all you decide it just doesn't look right so you walk out of the store empty handed.  And then you try to back out of your parking place but people keep walking behind you or driving behind you and it takes a good couple of minutes just to get out of the spot.  

Or when you decide to go to ANOTHER grocery store to try and you find what you are looking for but have several brand options and you don't know which one to choose so you try to call you husband to get his opinion, but the call won't go through.  So you stand there and with each indecisive moment you get more and more frustrated because the call won't go through, so you try texting and that doesn't work either.  So you reboot the darned thing, all while standing in the middle of the aisle just waiting and when your phone comes back up it STILL won't let a call go through, so you randomly make a decision and know that whatever you chose is going to be wrong.  And THEN when you get into the parking lot your text suddenly goes through.

Or when you are driving back to the office and the sun glare is so bad that your eyes start watering and you can't find a tissue.  So you drive with burning, squinty eyes and all of the good spots in the lot are gone because you went out at lunch.  And when you look in the mirror you have huge black rings of mascara running down your face.

Or when the bag with your groceries, which you are bringing into the office because they need to be stored in the fridge because it's too darned hot out, breaks just as you get to the front door of the building.

It's not necessarily a bad day, but you could use a friendly smile or a nice word.

So...if you see someone who looks like they're having a bad day (like maybe they have mascara running down their face), give them a smile and say hi.  Or if a friend calls you and randomly unloads, just let them unload and then say something nice.  Because we all have bad days and a little kindness can go a long way.  Maybe even a LONG way.


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