Slow Cooking

With the hot weather of summer, who feels like cooking?  To be honest, do I ever feel like cooking?  The answer is rarely and I just don't have the time to make a "real" meal after working all day.  (But your husband is at home and he could make dinner!   Ummm...well that hasn't happened on a regular basis.  He does cook, just not nightly.)  I've been trying to think of ways to make easy meals that are somewhat nutritious.

In the past, there have been times where I've made a corned beef (stove top) before the day got too hot.  I'd start and my husband would finish up.  As good as that is, every time I make this I end up with water spillage and a messy pot.

More recently (when it was not too hot) I thought I could get a couple of meals and save some money by making pulled pork in the over.  I started the pork shoulder early in the morning and my husband finished it.  (And cleaned it up.) While it was more cost effective than buying pre-made (which I have done in the past), my husband said it was quite messy (ok, he used more interesting language than that, which I'm not going to print here).To be honest, I wasn't thrilled with having the oven on that long.

So my mind has been mulling over the purchase of a slow cooker/crock pot.  I had one a LONG time ago, but it was 2nd hand and rather small.  If I recall correctly, I used it twice and my husband wasn't too thrilled with the results.  It was also a bitch to clean.

From what I've seen, newer models are available in a variety of sizes (and shapes) and some have a removable "crock" that can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  But I have no real experience with slow cooking.

While I've done my due diligence and reading, I thought perhaps it was time to turn to you elite few who read this blog.  Anyone out there have a slow cooker?  Pros and Cons of use?  Favorite recipes to cook in a slower cooker?  (Is there anything out there you CAN"T slow cook?)  I don't think I need one with all the bells and whistles, but maybe I'm wrong.  Or at least maybe I can be convinced.  (If someone has a good argument that is.)  Has anyone out there bought one and then found that they just left it on the shelf and never used it.  (That would be my blender.)  I need real life advice from real people (not just reviews on a website).

Help me slow cook!  (Or stop me from slow cooking if you think it is a mistake!)


  1. Oh wow, I have 3. (Yeah I know) but yes I love mine for quite a lot of things. I'm headed to some meetings so I can chat more with you later but I have a large oval one with a removable crock and I also NEVER cook without a disposable crock pot liner (they come in a 4 pack in the section of the grocery store with the oven cooking bags and zip lock bags.) Makes clean up a snap. I do things like turkey breast (ok this won't work for you but still) and potatoes, pot roast, pork shoulder, italian beef sandwiches, queso dip with meat in it to scoop into tortillas. I'll look at the brand of my biggest one when I get home and maybe you can find one on Prime Day that is a good deal? I would recommend it over a Insta Pot.

  2. get liners for the crock pot- some chicken, etc.. bbq sauce... put the chicken in the crock pot along w/ the bbq sauce, set on low for about 6-8 hrs.... separate chicken with fork.. pulled chicken bbq sandwiches... . works w/ pork too.. great stuff, the slow cooker, when done right recipe wise. liners make cleanup a breeze

  3. Tracy did slow cooker recipes for MyVeronaNJ for several years. You can find all of theme here:


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