Post Camp Notes

Ok, so the answer to laundry question ( was actually 5, but to be truthful, that's because I had some laundry from the week and it wasn't all my son's.  Plus I needed to wash his pillow (and had to throw mine in as a counterweight)  Although it WAS mostly my son's.

My son did have a phenomenal time at camp.  (He always does.)  We had a relatively quiet week while he was away.  And at camp, he was doing all sorts of wild stuff that I never hear about.  (Getting information out of my son is next to impossible.  I need some better interrogation techniques.  Perhaps I need to get some FBI or other government training so that I can pry it out.)  I do know that he hiked a bit, found some turtles, did the zip line (I would love to see photographic evidence of this...every year he's said he's done it, but I've never seen a photo) and played shaving cream whiffle ball.  (There is a photo of that!)

Of course the "fun" really begins (for me at least) the day he heads home.  Yes I've whined about the joys of laundry, but let me add some other fun items:

  • Driving up (remember I'm the only driver in the family) and getting stuck behind a slow moving truck pulling a camper.  (Isn't the camper supposed to have brake lights? I never saw any!)
  • Hot, humid and damp weather.  Makes dragging all the crap to the car even more fun.
  • Driving home.  Less traffic, but more crazy.
  • Getting the kid to drag all his luggage in through the basement door and stripping down in the basement so that he can go upstairs and take a shower.  (Why is this so difficult??)
  • Unloading the duffel of all its dirty and wet laundry.  (Laundry bag was never used as predicted.  However to be fair, son told me in the car and explained that the bag was ripped and he needs a new one.  It was still sort of usable when I pulled it out, but obviously if it's not perfect it doesn't rate with my tween.  In another note, the hat that he went with which was starting to rip a bit came home and was obviously never worn.  Why didn't he just throw it out???)
  • Sorting said laundry and getting an overwhelming whiff of what seemed to be ammonia.  (Eye watering.)  Trying to figure out what it was, and of course, it was the very last item that I came upon.  His toiletry bag was soaked.  He had some bug bite itch "stuff" which he said he never used, but did open.  Guess didn't get closed.  The SMELL!  Took all his toiletries and washed them and turned the bag inside out and took it outside.  Hopefully it will dry and not smell?  I'm guessing it, along with the dragged through the dirt duffel will need to be special washed.  
  • Trying to air out the sleeping bag, only to have ominous clouds move in quickly and the rain drops start.
  • Going down to the basement to do laundry, going up to the 2nd floor to write this...repeat, repeat, repeat.  Who needs a stair stepper?
  • Packing up and organizing for our next trek.  That would be to the Jersey shore.  Son will be staying for a week; hubby and I for just a short time.  But there's so much to bring and pack.  (And you know half of it won't get why am I packing it?  Do really expect an answer??)
  • Also packing up for the trek after visit his other set of grandparents as he's going from one set (at the shore) to another (in PA).
Ok, so I'm exhausted!  Good thing I have a 4 day weekend!  Because it's up early tomorrow morning to head to the NJ shore...I'm sure there will be lots of traffic, hence the reason for getting up early.  The family may moan and groan, but it beats sitting on the Garden State Parkway for hours on end going nowhere.

Meanwhile, anyone else think it's time for a nap???


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