One Thing I Don't Like About Summer

I LOVE summer.  Although it is NOT my favorite season (that would be early fall; when there is the feel of summer during the day, but the evenings are definitely fall).  I love so many things about.  I like the warm (and even the hot for the most part).  I love going to the beach on a sunny day (or even a rainy day).  I love being outside in the sun.  I love the flowers (particularly sunflowers).  I love the fruits and veggies.  I love the smell of summer.  I love the vacation of summer.  (I'd say I love the slower pace of summer, but recently summer hasn't seemed all that slow.)  I love reading summer books.  I just LOVE summer.

But there is one thing I do not love.  There is one thing that I truly HATE.  And that is...

Cicada Killer Wasps (aka Ground Digger Wasps).

They are gross.

They are disgusting.

Don't believe me???
Image result for cicada killer wasp

Gross, right???

The mere thought of them makes me want to vomit.  

I am NOT a bug person.  I don't like any insect.  But I do tolerate them.  I realize that they have a purpose on our planet.  But I HATE Cicada Killer Wasps.

While I'm not all that big a fan of cicadas themselves, the sound they make reminds me that summer is here.  They are part of the season.  I can deal with that. (Well sort of.)

But the wasps...I hate them!

They dig holes around my lawn.  (In those dry dirt edges.)  Then they go out and hunt for cicadas to feed their young.  (A fact of life, I know, but GROSS.)  They make a mess of my walkway and scare the bejeesus out of me.  (Supposedly they are "passive aggressive" and only sting when provoked.  Their mere presence seems pretty aggressive to me.  They fly around, looking mean and nasty.  They soar back and forth.  Is it any wonder I am hesitant to go out to my car?

This is a relatively new phenomenon for us.  (And by new I mean within the past 10 years.)  We've dusted their nests with poison.  (Which is expensive.)  We fill in the holes and cover them with rocks (so they can't get back in and whatever's in there can't get out). We spray them midair with Raid.  

But mostly I cheer on the sparrows (at least I think they are sparrows) that fly after them and I'm assuming try to eat them.  It seems that they never catch them.  I wish they would.

I know that they will go away in the next few weeks.  (Or at least I won't see them.)  But I HATE them and I wish they would find somewhere else to go.  (You'd think they'd learn a lesson after all these years.)

Summer is great...summer would be perfect if there just weren't any of these blasted things!  And no one can convince me otherwise!


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