Totally Sirius

Many people say the music died the day that Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper (JP Richardson) died in a plane crash.  It didn't die for me that day since I wasn't alive yet.  (Although I do know their music.)  But I think everyone experiences a day when the music stops/dies for them.

For me it was in June of 2005. June 3rd to be exact. (No I didn't remember the exact date, but I managed to find it doing some on line research.) I always had the radio on when I did my morning walk.  I was listening to our local (NYC) oldies radio station.  They were having a celebration that morning...I think it was the DJ's 100th show. Or maybe it was his year anniversary.  But it was a big event with call ins from celebrities and I also believe there was mention of cake.  Other DJs on the station (many of whom were considered local legends) were there for the celebration as well.   It seemed to me to be a great way to start off the weekend.

It was all over by the end of the day.  The station "let go" of all its DJs and became Jack FM, an automated station that played general "adult contemporary" and some oldies as well.  It was a blow to me and to many long time listeners.  It was the day that I knew I had to purchase satellite radio.

It was something I had been considering for a while.  Area radio was becoming more and more homogenous.  I like diversity.  I like to listen to a variety of music.  Although I may generally stick to "easy listening" there are times when I want country, jazz, classical, etc.  Finding that on traditional radio was becoming a rarity.

I had a friend who has XM in his car and my brother had a Sirius.  (This was back before the two merged.)  I carefully considered both.  I'll admit that I didn't want to spend money on paid radio, but then again I didn't want to spend money to watch tv either and I did.  I did some comparisons and went for XM.  (It was the fact that they had a "new age" station and at the time Sirius did not that sold me.)

My husband and I (ok, mostly my husband) set up the unit in the car.  Now I could listen to a wide variety of music any time.  This was especially important to me as we were planning a long car ride in late July/early August when our son was to be born.  Picking up a new born was going to be nerve wracking and bringing him back home even more so.  I needed to have something to soothe me. I needed something that would calm a newborn.

I can still remember the day our son was born.  We started driving in the early morning with 60s on 6. A week or so later when we headed home, I kept the easy listening/instrumental station "Sunny" on.  (Now it's called Escape...I don't care what you call it.  For me it brings back memories of my youth and what my mother would play. It was just what we needed to stay calm and to keep my son asleep.  We were almost home when we suddenly hit a traffic jam.  (Not expected in the middle of the day.) No worries...I could just switch over to the local traffic station and quickly found out the problem was just a mile or so away.  A sigh of relief for me, as it had been a long drive and I just wanted to be home with our newborn.

Since that time, some things have changed.  XM and Sirius merged.  I took advantage of the one-time deal that Sirius had offered, where you payed one (large) fee up front and then you had a subscription for life. Since I did this probably about 8 years ago, it has paid for itself (and then some.)  I can listen to Sirius XM in my officer (through my laptop) and when I walk (through the app on my phone). 

And FINALLY the station has a dedicated Beatles station.  As a devoted fan, they're not playing anything new (to me), but they are playing songs and mixes the average person wouldn't know.  It's nice to hear when I'm driving to in the morning.

This is probably sounding like a satellite radio commercial.  (I'm not being paid by the station...but if anyone out there reading this works there...I'm always open to swag!)  It's not meant to be.  Since I got my satellite radio 12 years (!) ago, other options have popped up in the form of music apps.  I'm just partial to my Sirius XM.  No commercials (on most stations), unique programming and now the Beatles 24/7!  Since I don't have to pay a monthly or annual can I go wrong?  (Ok, so the station DID go wrong once in my opinion when they pulled Escape off the air and having it only available on line.  But you know what?  People complained!  Yes, there are actually others out there who like this "muzak".  The station responded and put it back on.  They listened!  Amazing!)

It may not be right for everyone, but for me, I'll always be totally SiriusXM.  

(Side note:  Jack FM did NOT last in my local area.  That station eventually went back to the “oldies” format, but it was never quite the same.  Especially as “oldies” are not as old as they used to be.  At least that’s the way I see it.  How can the 80s/90s be old?  I suppose that’s a whole other post!)


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