Overwhelmed Part 2: Staying on an Even Keel

I am determined (or at least going to try to do my best) to stay on an even keel (the nautical reference is important in my life) even as life throws me more than I think I can handle.  And I probably can't; which is something I, and we ALL need to accept.  Sometimes, perhaps MOST of the time, we can't handle all that is thrown at us.  It's ok.  We can ask for help.  Or we can even just give a pass to things.  (Like I did last Wednesday...I had every intention of going to choir practice, but the shutdown of Rt. 3 and a meeting that went on longer than I had anticipated meant that by the time I was supposed to be at choir, I was still trying to figure out what the family was going to do for dinner.  Instead of completely frazzling myself, I allowed myself to SKIP choir and attend to the needs of my family and myself in a CALM way.  Even if it did mean grabbing food from McDonalds!)

Life threw me (and my family) another curveball over the weekend.  For those of you who might have been reading this blog for a while, you may recall that back in the fall of 2014 and winter of 2014/15 my life was a bit chaotic as my dad was in the hospital for an extended period of time. (http://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2014/09/challenges.html and http://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2015/01/20-weeks-and-were-at-end.html are just a few samples of what was going on.)  As you may have guessed from last week's overwhelmed post ( http://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2017/05/overwhelmed.html)  his recent foot infection has evolved.  After 10 days on oral antibiotics, it became clear to my parents that it wasn't getting better, and was in fact spreading.  (My mother has become an expert in noting infections.)  Hence, Saturday, my father ended up in the hospital, where he is currently being treated with intravenous antibiotics (which seem to be helping) and is being evaluated with a battery of tests. (Here's hoping for no bone infection.)

Amazingly enough, I am NOT overwhelmed by this.  (Even more amazing is that my MOM is managing to handle this very well!  For Mother's Day I had gotten her a necklace with an anchor pendant.  Who knew how apropos that would be!)  Though my first reaction was to want to drive down to the shore and get to the hospital, my mother rationally said that now was not the time.  Of course she was right. There was a Nor'easter blowing and what help could I be?  

Instead, I am keeping an even keel.  I have allowed myself moments of upset.  But mostly what I have done is planned for the unplannable!  I have let my boss know that I may need to take off or work remotely.  I have let those who depend on me know that I may not be so dependable over the next few weeks.  Most importantly I am ALLOWING my husband and son, to take care of things that normally I obsess about.  (It's not that they don't help...it's mostly the fact that I don't let them help because I like things done "my way."  )  They will support me and I will support my parents.  (Most likely my help will be needed when my dad is released from the hospital.)  We are all working TOGETHER and though the situation is stressful, it's not quite so overwhelming.

A wise person once said to me, "Let Go and Let God."  Maybe it's time to heed this advice.  It just might help me stay on an even keel.


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