How Many Cooper-gangers Could You Fit In A Percolator and Other Questions Even a Log Can't Answer...

So, I watched episodes 1-2 "live" on Sunday night (9-11), went to sleep (or tried to and watched maybe another 45 minutes of the first episode while trying...although not from the beginning), and slept for 4-1/2 hours.  Got up, walked, got ready for work, took the kid to school, worked a full day (fading as the day went by due to lack of sleep), battled traffic on the way home, had dinner with the family and then watched episodes 3-4.  (Despite saying that I only wanted to watch episode 3 and then go back and watch 1 and 2 again because I KNOW I missed much.)  There is good reason why David Lynch doesn't want everything released at once.  He wants you to THINK and process.  (And you'd probably OD if you watched the entire 18 hours at once...your brain just might explode from it all!)

Thinking about Twin Peaks is pretty much what I've been doing for the past several weeks and now having watched the first 4 episodes of season 3 my brain has gone into overdrive.  (I am particularly enamored with the scenes between Hawk and Margaret and Cole and Albert.) So, in no order whatsoever (because why not) here are some questions and observations (there may be spoilers...but do you really care) about Twin Peaks (not limited to season 3):

  • Why could Cooper leave the Lodge after 25 years?  What is the significance in that amount of time?
  • Was school cancelled for the year after Laura Palmer was murdered?  No one ever went back to school..."Teens" wandered around town, took road trips on their motorcycles, etc. and no one cared.  Twin Peaks needs a good truant officer.
  • How bad does regurgitated Garmonbozia smell?  Vomited pain and suffering is enough to send someone to the hospital?
  • Why did Shelly marry Leo?  I know she likes (liked) "bad boys" (Leo and Bobby), but Leo was beyond bad and he wasn't even that good looking.  
  • Since Annie was clearly unable to fulfill her duties as Miss Twin Peaks, did the runner up take her place?  Was there a runner up?
  • Why the hell does Sarah Palmer still live in the family house?  One person, big house...find a nice condo somewhere Sarah!
  • What ever happened to Chet Desmond?
  • What happened Philip Jefferies? Did he turn into a monkey when he was in the room over the convenience store to eavesdrop on the meeting?  Why did they have a meeting over a convenience store?  Couldn't they have met in the red room or something like that?
  • WHO is Judy?
  • What, specifically, caused Gordon Coles deafness?
  • Who funded the NYC "apartment"?  What exactly were they looking for?
  • Where did the "apartment" security guards go?  Who lured them away?
  • What exactly happened to Sam and Tracey?  (Do I really want to know?)  Did the entity that killed them follow Cooper?
  • Why was Eileen Hayward in a wheelchair?  Was it somehow the result of her affair with Ben Horne?  Is he Donna's father?  Are Harriet and Gersten really Donna's half-sisters?
  • What does the high school principal's secretary know that made it important enough to have the librarian killed and the Bill Hastings set up as the killer?  (Or IS the killer, but was "possessed" at the time.)
  • At first I thought, who is Dougie Jones, but how I'm wondering WHY is Dougie Jones?
  • What DID happen to Annie?  Does she still waitress at her sister's diner, did she go back to the convent, or what?
  • What does electricity have to do with moving from one dimension (Black Lodge) to another?
  • What is up with gold shovels Dr. Jacoby?
  • What WAS that "place" that Cooper went with the no eyes woman and the pounding.  What was she trying to say?  Why did she "sacrifice" herself to space?  And who was the other woman sitting in front of the fireplace after no-eyes went into the void?
  • Did Susan Lucci ever make a cameo on Invitation to Love?  And if not, WHY not?
  • How much more of Wally Brando will we have to enduring during the remaining 16 hours?
  • What caused Harold Smith's agoraphobia?
  • Why was "brain fried" Cooper/Dougie able to see the light that told him what slot machine was going to hit?  (And what exactly was that?  Almost looked like a Black Lodge icon.)
  • What happened to Ronette?
  • What is the status of Nadine's drape runner patent?
  • Is Horne's Department store still a thing or has it been replaced by a Target? 
  • Assuming that "evil" Cooper killed Major Briggs and then went off the grid (as far as the FBI knew), what has he been doing and why?
  • Does "evil" Cooper think he is convincing Gordon?  (And Albert?)

These are just a few of the questions that pop into my mind (at inconvenient times).  I have theories for some.  I figure we'll get some answers in the next episodes.  But I also KNOW that most of them will go unanswered. (Let's face it many of them are unimportant to the series, but I still want to know!)  After all, that's just part of the world of Twin Peaks!

(And if any of you out there reading this have your own theories and/or questions...feel free to share!)


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