Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon or Just Plain Snow

I think it's time to turn to the light side.  I've been very passionate in some of my recent posts (which is a good thing), but I don't want to be a PitA ( or be all doom and gloom.  As bad as the world may seem (and I think we can all agree that things are pretty darned rotten), we still need to have a lighter side.  We still need to laugh.

Of course I'm not sure that snow is a laughing matter.  In all honesty it IS a pretty big PitA.  But here in the Northeast we haven't had much this season. (Thank you!)  Now that is going to change.  The Weather Channel, which named this storm Niko (insert rolling eyes here...this new "craze" of naming snowstorms makes me wonder what will be named next...Tornado Fred?  Tsunami Sam?) has announced that my area will be getting six to ten inches of wet, heavy snow. (AKA "heart attack snow")

Now it is February and we haven't had a real snow yet this season, so we are due.  My son is gearing up for a snow day and I'm running to the market to get bread and milk.  Ok, not really.  We have our weekly supply in the house and if we run out during the one or two days that I can't get to the market, we WILL live.  I am a little bit more concerned about the lack of wine in the house.  Perhaps I should make a liquor store run on my lunch hour today?  (What goes good with a snow storm? Must it be a white wine?)

In all honesty, I do have a plan for the snow.  (I ALWAYS have a plan!)  The snow blower will be primed and ready by the front door, covered with a tarp so that while it is easily accessible tomorrow, it will be protected.  My car will be snug and warm (well, maybe not warm) in the garage so it won't need to be dug out and defrosted.  (But we will need to plow out the long, hilly driveway in order to access it.  It is always a toss-up as to which option would be better.  Leave it out and dig it out, or put it in and dig it out.  In all honesty, both options are pretty lousy.)  If the weather is as bad as is currently being predicted (and we all know that can change on a dime), I will work from home.  (Love my job, but I am not battling snow and sitting in traffic for an hour or more when I can be more productive sitting in front of my laptop in my home "office".)  The three of us (hubby, son and I) will work together to dig out.  (This is despite what my son said this morning in the car.  If you're part of the family, you're part of the shoveling crew.)  There will be extra laundry and lots of hot cocoa (my son's new passion).  By Friday everything will be back to "normal."  There will be school and office, perhaps made a little more challenging by the navigation of drifting snow and ice.  But then again, it IS winter.

Of course it is entirely possible that this whole thing will just miss us or we will get next to nothing.  But somehow I doubt it and here's why.

My Ford Escape, like most vehicles, has an exterior thermometer reading on my dashboard.  Sometime back in 2014 it stopped working and set itself permanently at 50.  I considered getting it fixed, but it wasn't cheap and seeing how it is not vital to driving, I decided to forgo it.  So no matter what day or time, it reads 50.  However, on some odd occasions it does bounce around, but never gives an accurate number.  Usually these occasions proceed a weather event.

Today, while I started out with my usual 50, after driving for a while this caught my eye.

My solar powered snowman (is misnomer if ever there was one) is smiling, but I'm not. The temperatures locally might hover near 60 today, but don't let that mislead you.  I think my daily exercise routine will include some extra upper body work.  And now matter what you might want to call it, I think we're in for some digging tomorrow.

Be safe!


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