Passion or PitA?

Everybody has a passion...most people have more than one.  Even if you don't know me, if you've read this blog you probably know that I am passionate about writing (why else would I be doing this?), my family (particularly my son), vacations to Disney World as well as myriad of other things.  Writing is a passion for me and many times (but not all the time), I write about things that I am passionate about.

But I don't it all the time. (Although most recently it may seem I do.  I'm aware of it, trust me!) Sometimes I write about silly stuff; if not to amuse you than to amuse myself.  Sometimes I bitch and moan.  Sometimes I'm just sharing information.  I am passionate about blogging and blog about passions, but not all the time.  Because if I did, I'd cease to be passionate and just be a PitA.  Instead of sharing my passions, I'd just be annoying.  Since one of the goals in writing this blog is to get people to read it, being annoying is something I want to avoid.  (Although I'm sure I've annoyed just about everyone at one point or another.)

I'm not against being passionate about something or about many things.  That was an important sentence, so I'm going to write it again.  I am NOT against being passionate about one thing or many things.  (How many of you did it annoy that I wrote basically the same thing twice?  Not my goal!) However, when ALL you can focus on is one passion and it's all you talk about and focus on it can turn you into a PitA.  I confess that I speak from experience.  I've seen myself at times moving over from passionate to PitA.  Passions should be shared, but they should NOT be shoved.  Passions should be discussed and not screamed.  Passions should be part of your life, but not ALL of your life.  A life of passion is a positive one; but when that passion rules your life and obliterates all others, it becomes obsession, which is not a good thing.  (Unless it is a perfume by Calvin Klein.  In which case, Obsession is not only a good thing it is a wonderfully scented thing.)

I consider myself lucky to have friends who are passionate about many different things.  I love to hear, read, and talk about their passions. Friends who have shared their passions have educated me. (I'm all for education.)  In some cases their passions have become my own.

I am also lucky that most of my friends don't try to shove their passions down my throat.  You may think I am talking about politics and that is part of it, but not all of it.  Putting blinders on; seeing and thinking only one way and not even trying to hear a different point of view ceases the passion and flows into zealousness.  It is not just annoying, it can become insulting.

My thought here? Be passionate and share your passions.  Don't shove and don't shout.  Be respectful of the passions of others, which very well may be different than you own and even possibly might be diametrically opposed.  Be a positive person of passion and not a PitA.

And to prove that I AM full of passion on some of the sillier subjects; I watched LIVE today as  Punxsutawney Phil made his declaration.  Yes, he saw his shadow.  That means six more weeks of winter.  At least in Punxsutawney; I have to wait a few more hours until my area's very own, Essex Ed, makes his prediction.  I'll be anxiously awaiting his news.  I'll be waiting with passion.


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