The Sofa Situation

Shortly after I was married, I purchased new living room furniture.  At the time we had a sofa and 2 chairs that had been my grandparents.  It was nice furniture, but it was time to get something new.  Something that both my husband and I could live with.  Not an easy task.  My husband and I had very different views on furniture.  I liked traditional; he liked more modern.  He liked leather; I was strictly fabric driven.  You can see the problem.

I did find something that I liked while out shopping with my mother at the Jersey Shore.  It was, at the time, her favorite furniture store.  (She had just purchased the shore house a little over a year before so she had gone to several furniture stores.)  Having found what I liked, I later called my husband.  (This was back in the "dark ages" when I didn't have a cell phone, let alone one that could take photos that could send be texted to someone.)  He trusted me.  (Wise man!)  I bought the soft and love seat with the help of some gift certificates that had been given to us as wedding presents.  (Which made the cost that much more reasonable.)

When they were delivered to our house, they fit perfectly.  The plaid pattern of deep green, dark red, and blue fit perfectly with the dark/black moldings and mantel.  We had a winner!  It was comfortable, yet classic.  Evocative of a classic library or study; which described our style since we had some many books throughout the house.  Eventually I purchased a coffee table and end table and just before our son was born deep green carpet was put in.  (Which you might think hides dirt, but I am here to tell you that every little speck can be seen!  You vacuum and two minutes later it looks like you haven't done a careful job of it, despite the fact that you have!  Frustrating!)  It all came together to make a small space warm and comfortable.

But now here we are over 20 years later.  The sofa and love seat have been sat on, crawled on, slept on, bounced name it.  We are past the point of re-stuffing and/or re-upholstering.  Things are falling apart, but if you look closely you can tell that the wear and tear IS the result of much love.  (And perhaps a lot of laziness.)    If you look REALLY closely you will probably find enough Legos to fill a shoebox, but that's another story!  The coffee table had not one, but two different sets of "bumpers" affixed to it at different time in my son's life.  (To protect him from the sharp edges).  They did their job, but (despite the manufacturer's claim) left marks on the table.  Additionally, the years have resulted in dings and scratches that make it look like it was used as a cat's scratching pole (and we don't have a cat!)

It's clear that it's time for some new living room furniture which makes me somewhat sad because I DO love what we have.  However, I am realistic and have been looking around.  And what I've found is nothing.

No offense to people who like neutrals, but the tans, browns, grays and whites just don't go with what I have and aren't my style.  There are blues and reds out there, but very few deep greens and even fewer patterned options.  Although I've been told that if I'm willing to custom order I can get pretty close to what I want...for a price.  Unfortunately for me, price IS an object and while I am willing (or maybe that should be resigned) to spend more than I'd probably like to get quality pieces (after all they are going to have to last), I do have my limits.

We tried to do some furniture shopping over the weekend.  Finding a coffee table wasn't difficult (although we did not purchase one).  There were plenty that were simple, yet functional.  Finding a sofa and/or love seat was much more complicated.  Store one had nothing we liked.  Store two had some things we liked, but everything would be custom ordered which translates into pricey and a long wait.  (The latter is ok, but the former not so much.) In the third store I didn't even have a chance to look around before we were "jumped" on by a salesman who just would not let go or give up.  (He put your stereotypical "used car' salesman to shame.)  The fourth store was having a sale as the location was closing.  All that was left was modern chrome or over the top ornate Italian (plastic sofa cover not included.)  Stores five and six I knew were long shots.  They offered pleather and sofas not only with cup holders, but with LIGHTED cup holders.  (Can't fumble for that beer in the dark.)

So what's a girl (and her guys) to do? Keep looking I suppose.  If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'm happy to listen.  (I am on a budget!)  And for those of you wondering why I don't simply return to the store where I purchased my original sofa and loveseat...well the store DOES still exist.  But it's under completely new management who don't seem to quite understand the meaning of customer service, so....

In the meantime, if you drop by and take a look around, don't look at it as old worn out furniture; instead try to see it as it is...much loved.


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