Clean Up Your Act

Here we are in the first full weekend of the new year.  It's time to clean up your act.  Literally.

The holiday is officially over:  Epiphany was Friday; the 12 days of Christmas have been completed.

Take down those holiday decorations.  Not fun, I know, but it is time. (Your wallet may even thank you, depending on how much extra electricity you used to light up and decorate your abode.)  Pack it up now and clean as you go.  (It's easier this way; trust me on this one.)  Tree down; vacuum not just around the area (you KNOW you'll have to), but the whole room (or rooms.)  Pack up the decorations and dust as you go.  Put away all those pots, pans and dishes that you only use for the holidays and clean up that kitchen too.  And while you're at it; couldn't the bathroom use a scrub too?

For many of us, it's a cold, miserable weekend.  So it's the perfect time to wear those comfy clothes and get these unpleasant tasks done.  Maybe there's something you hate to do (wash those curtains? clean out the fridge?), what better time than now?  For most of us there is nothing pressing this weekend.  (The MLK holiday is next weekend; Superbowl Sunday is almost a month away.)  If you're "trapped" indoors, now is the time to take advantage of it.  Or use the guilt of all the indulgences that you partook of at the end of the year, and

With it still being early in the year, I (and hopefully you as well) are more apt to be in that "new year, new motivation" mode.  I'll be honest, my get up and go usually fades away by February, so now is the time to get on track.  Get going and get doing.  NOW!

 Once the decorations are down and things are cleaned up, you can cuddle up on that couch and binge watch your favorite program.  It's reward for a job well done.  (Or at least a job done!)


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