The Many Flaws and Imperfections of Bfth

It's a new year and time to face the facts...or maybe that should be face the face and the body that goes along with it. It's not attractive and I can prove it.  From top to bottom, it is not a pretty picture.  Let's take an objective view and break it down:
  • Hair:  Baby fine and getting thinner by the minute.  Scalp visible in a few places.  Highlighted to a pleasing blonde shade, but fading and limp now.
  • Forehead:  Are those three large wrinkles or is this some sort of relief map?
  • Eyes:  Not bad, but what is that color?  Blue?  Green?  Gray?  Are those crow's feet or a murder of crows?
  • Nose:  too big and continually stuffed with mucus.  Honking of said nose rivals the sound of geese migrating south for the winter.
  • Cheeks:  Chubby with no bone structure.
  • Mouth; Small, thin lips with no color.
  • Teeth:  Relatively straight (thanks to orthodontics), but an odd color.  Not white; not quite yellow or gray.  
  • Chin:  None of the multiple ones are very prominent.
  • Facial Skin:  Where there is not acne or enlarged pores, there are wrinkles.
  • Ears:  Generally okay, but upon close inspection, waxy
  • Neck:  Saggy
  • Chest: Crepey with some continued acne.  "Old lady" boobs.
  • Shoulders:  Undeveloped
  • Arms:  Flabby
  • Hands:  Showing age spots.  Nails aren't bad, but fingers are awful short.
  • Abdomen:  The only six pack here is the six pack of malt beverage that has been drunk over time.  Let's just say it outright:  Fat!
  • Back:  Untoned.  Broken out in places and crepey in others
  • Derriere:  Oversized
  • Hips:  See derriere
  • Legs:  Short, stumpy.
  • Feet:  Short and wide; not unlike the whole Bfth package.
To sum up:  the total package is short, fat and saggy with many "battle scars" (i.e.:  wrinkles, acne).  In no way could this be considered "attractive."

So am I self-loathing and depressed?  Well, at times who isn't?  But despite all the above, which are i my mind completely true, I don't think I'm an "ug-mo."  Far from perfect (although I'm not sure who has the authority to define it), I'm for the most part pretty happy with me.  Would I like less wrinkles, more voluminous hair, and a more sculpted body?  Sure.  And there's nothing wrong with improving oneself.  Which is why I exercise regularly, try to get enough sleep and eat reasonably.  But I am who I am.  And the sum of Bfth is much more than the visible parts.  To truly experience the "total package" you can't just take a look; you have to get to know the inner workings.  Is the person inside "the package" kind or nasty, loving or hate filled, empathetic or uncaring, thoughtful or uninterested?  Who am I really?  Who are you?

Each and every one of us have many flaws and imperfections.  Some are visible.  Some are not. Make sure you get the "full package" before you form any opinions or make any judgement calls.  If you don't you could be missing out.  You never know what wonders might lurk beneath a plainly wrapped package.  What lies at the heart of a person is so much more than what we physically see.


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