Wacky Wednesday...

It's been a STRANGE day (and it's still early as I type this.)  Woke up this morning abruptly.  I was in the middle of a dream. (My son was mad at me for making him put away Legos...nothing abnormal about that.  Matter of fact it's pretty true to life!)  Glanced over at the clock and realized my alarm SHOULD have gone off 15 minutes ago.  Now usually I wake up 20 minutes or so before my alarm, so it's rare that I have to use it, but I DO always set it.  This is the second time it's happened over the past couple of weeks.  (I double checked it last week...made myself stay in bed until it actually DID go off, so I know that it does work!)  So I was a bit muzzy headed and trying to get myself out the door for the morning walk; and now I'm about 25 minutes behind where I usually am in the day.  And when your behind and trying to rush, you KNOW everything always ends up taking longer than it normally would!

Adding to my morning confusing was the sound of chirping birds.  They seemed pretty loud but when I stuck my head out the window, I didn't hear anything.  But as I was heading down the stairs I could hear it again.  Head back upstairs and try to pinpoint the location.  No chirping; just the white noise of two fans; one in my son's room and one in our bedroom.  Yes, it is heading towards the end of October and we have fans going.  I think my husband had been tempted to run the air conditioner in our room, but I circumvented that by putting on the fan first.  Another reason for Wednesday being wacky...we live in NJ and it is supposed to hit 83 today!  Last Tuesday we had to have the heating company come out because it was so cold in the house and the furnace wasn't coming on.  (Turned out NOT to be the furnace, thank goodness, but the thermostat, which APPEARED to be working but in reality was not.)  A week later, the windows are wide open and we're trying to cool down.  

But back to the birds; despite having the white noise of the fan going in his room, my son had also turned on his clock radio's "background noise."  Instead of listening to a gentle rain or the calming ocean, he had chosen (sometime after 9 last night) to go with chirping birds.  How he managed to get to sleep on that, I don't know.  But he did and was still blissfully asleep as birds continued to tweet and chirp, as they had for the past 7 or so hours.

It's after 5 when I get out the door and in the dark I'm trying to get the Map My Walk app up and running.  Trying to juggle hand weights and a phone while the earbud cord is trying to strangle me!  I usually like to start up the music, start the Map My Walk App, throw my phone in my pocket and go.  But after yesterday's "wonky" walking results, I kept the app open and in my hand so I could watch my pace.  Which of course also slows down my pace.  Try walking in the dark, carrying hand weights, AND looking down at your softly glowing phone.  You KNOW this is a recipe for disaster!  (Which I somehow managed to avoid.)

The clock was ticking.  (Literally, I was watching the seconds tick by on the app.)  But the mileage wasn't going anywhere.  I had reached the end of the block and had crossed the street before the distance actually started measuring.  No wonder why my miles had seemed longer, while the clock had been ticking, the tracker hadn't actually started to kick in until I reached the end of my block.  Now 300 feet or so might not seem like a lot, but it would explain why my results have been skewed recently.  And when I took a closer look at the Map My Walk map for today, it does show that my start and stop points (which SHOULD be the same) are different.  I don't think this was always the case; I looked back at old walks and for the most part they seemed to start and stop around the same point.  Why they stopped, I don't know.  Maybe it has something to do with my new phone and it not picking up the fact that I am moving?  (Once again I am longing for my old blue Nexus...)  What am I (or is the phone) doing that finally signals that I am moving?  Will I ever be able to figure out this mystery?

Who knows what else this Wacky Wednesday might have in store for me.  The day has barely begun and I don't know if I should be excited for potential adventures or terrified!  (I  haven't even mentioned how a deer almost ran me over this morning!)  But I suppose is anyone is due for a wacky Wednesday it's me!  After all, I've always been proud that I'm a bit off the wall and am still trying to save/make enough money to move myself from the "weird" category to eccentric!


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