Where Did the Summer Go?

Summer officially continues onward till September 22nd, but for many parents, the summer ended next when school started again.  (Maybe it feels like its already ended to those who had have children with sports training and band camp?)  Despite it being 90+ degrees outside, in my mind, it should be autumn.

But wasn't it just yesterday that school let out and a great graduation ceremony was being held for the class of 2016?   On the other hand, doesn't the last week of June feel like centuries ago?  The days whiz by and time seems to speed up so that what happened just a week or so ago is so far in the past that I can barely remember it.

The men from the Department of Public Works who water the flowers that line the avenue now do so in the dark of the mornings, where it was once light.  The fields of the high school which looked like they would never be anything but piles of dirt and rubble seem ready to be played upon.  The annual summer concert series held in town square are over and done with for another year.  The community pool is closed.

The weather may remain hot and sticky (as it always seems to do in the beginning of September), but summer will be over and all that will be left are memories.  It is time to hunker down with homework and after school activities.  (Hope you all purchased your school supplies!) Time for autumn fundraisers.  (Cheesecake anyone?   Email me and get those wallets out to support Music in the Parks.)  Time for football games and marching band competitions.  Mums will start popping up and who will be the first in town to put up Halloween decorations.  (The Halloween candy has been out in the grocery stores for weeks. If you're already bought your Halloween candy, who are you kidding?  It's not for the kids, it's for you!)

As for me, this summer has been a blur.  There was a family vacation.  There were trips to the Jersey shore.  There was time spent outside bar-b-quing.  I know all these things happened, and yet it happened so fast it feels like it never did.  (Makes no sense I know!)  There are so many things that I intended to do, but just didn't get around to them.  (Isn't that always the way in summer?)

Oh, well, there is always NEXT summer.  As for now, I'll just wait for the day when I can turn off the air conditioning and embrace the oncoming fall.


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