Wedding/Honeymoon Changes

Just celebrated my 20th (as you know if you read my previous post) which got me thinking about the wedding and honeymoon period.  It was a great, but if I could, I would make some changes.  Of course some these changes involve "bending" time and other "out there" impossibilities, but why not? Anything is possible  (when it's not possible)!  Here's what I would change:
  • I would have a bridal registry.   The standard stuff that was out there didn't float my boat that much so I didn't.  If I could change, I'd put more thought into it. I wish Target had been around then. (Ok, they've been around since 1962, but they certainly weren't in my neck of the woods.)  Maybe I would have crowd funded part of the honeymoon!  
  • I would change the date.  While I loved being married on Friday the 13th and love 9/13 period, I would change the date so that my husband's grandfather could have been present.  (Too long a story to get into here).  The fact that he wasn't there is one of my biggest regrets (and I think it was one of his too).
  • I would have gotten a manicure/pedicure.  I didn't have my first pedicure until several years AFTER I was married.  Why did I deny myself for so long?  Who care that I wasn't wearing open toed shoes!  (Although I think I would have changed that too.  Maybe a nice pair of off white medium heel sandals?)
  • I would have taken more photos.  You can never have too many photos.  (Well, maybe you could as "back then" there was film and no digital.)  I would have taken more serious photos (with the bay as a backdrop) and more silly photos.  The world needs more silly photos.
  • I would invite more people, many of whom I didn't know at the time.  (Told you this could involve time bending.)  In the past 20 years I've made some wonderful friends (and through the "magic" of the internet reconnected with others).    There are so many people that I DIDN'T know then that I wish I DID know; so many that I wish could have been a part of that special day.  (If you're wondering if it's you...the answer is yes.)
  • I would have eaten and drank more.  (The food was delicious!)
  • I would have had a (vegan) cake.  A big cake!  And I would have eaten a lot of it!  (And yes, I would have frozen a piece to eat the next year.)
  • I would take a bottle of Advil PM with me.  I would have taken CHEWABLE Dramamine before our flight to Florida.
  • I would NOT have booked our honeymoon through AAA.  I would have hired a car to get us from Orlando airport to our resort instead of using a shuttle that made numerous stops.  (This was before the days of Disney's Magical Express.)  I would have gotten a tower room at the Contemporary and probably would have gone Concierge level.  (It would have been worth it and then some.)
  • I would have ridden Horizons even more than I did.  (My Disney pals know what I mean!)
  • I would have asked strangers and Disney cast members to take photos of us.  (There are too few photos of the two of us together.)  I would have taken more character photos...many, many more!  I would wear bride Mickey ears and/or an “I'm the bride” t-shirt.  And I'd force my husband to wear groom ears.  It's something to proclaim proudly (and loudly)!
  • I would have taken more time explaining my food allergies (like I do now) and not be shy about it.  
  • I wouldn't have bothered with Downtown Disney, and especially Goofy's Kitchen.
  • I would relax more.  (I can hear my husband laughing out loud as he reads that.)
  • I would keep a detailed diary of everything we did so that I'd have more detailed recollections 20 years later!
Despite what I might want to change, if I possibly could, the those two weeks of my life (2 days before the wedding, the wedding, a honeymoon of 7 days and 4 days to catch up and get back and do "married" things like getting a new driver's license and social security card) I hold close to my heart.  Of course I'd like to make some changes, but that doesn't mean those two weeks weren't magical and wonderful.  They were.  As "imperfect" as some of it may have been (I'm especially talking about Goofy's Kitchen here...that's a blog post unto itself!), I wouldn't trade it for the world.  It was just the beginning of something wonderful that continues to this day.


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