I'm picking out a...

wet jet for you. Not necessarily a brand name, it's true..."

With apologies to Steve Martin, the tune has been going through my head all morning.  (Maybe it's an earworm to you know that I've started.)  Yes, I know the original lyrics refer to the thermos that Navin Johnson is going to get for his true love Marie, but I have been singing the tune with my modified lyrics happily today.

You see, it was another sad morning for me in the bathroom. I'm standing there brushing my teeth looking at a dirty sink that no one seems to wipe off, but me.  (And I don't wipe it as often as I should, which I'm thinking should be daily.)  Then I looked down at my white tile floor, which has you probably have guessed, isn’t all that white.  Three people + one bathroom = perpetually dirty looking floor.  I won't even mention the tub/shower (which has mildew growing on the mold) or the toilet.  I'd like to keep the bathroom clean, but usually when I think about it and want to clean, its 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning and I'm running to get myself and the boy out the door.  I'll do a cursory wipe down of the sink or maybe quickly get on my hands and knees with a Clorox (or Lysol or no name brand) wipe and do whatever I can in less than two minutes.  (Which is not say not a lot.)  The tub seems like a lost cause.  I'll ignore it to till one weekend when I can't stand it and I go in there and spray and scrub and still it looks like I haven't touched it in 10 years.  It's frustrating.  And sad.

Of course I am not the only one who uses the bathroom.  But it seems as if I am the only one who cleans the bathroom.  This is not completely true. Eighty to ninety percent of the time it IS me.  The other small percentage it is my husband or my son.  But they seem to lack the "Yo!  You NEED to clean the bathroom gene."  Perhaps it has something to do with the Y chromosome?  Am I being sexist?  Yes.  Is part of this my fault?  Heck yes!  Have I tried to change this?  YES!  Has it worked?  No, no, NO! 

My husband is a stay-at-home dad for the most part.  So in my mind, this bathroom cleaning (and cleaning of other areas in the house) should be more of his responsibility.  But, in his defense, he isn't wired the same way I am.  (Which is a GOOD thing.)  Where I see a hamper getting full and go into laundry mode; he does do laundry but I have to tell him that the hamper is full.  (This does not apply to sheets; he is good with sheets.  He's got a sheet schedule and sticks too it.  Which is a really GOOD thing as my bed making skills are just as bad as his toilet cleaning skills. )  Several weeks ago, he mentioned that we should get a Swiffer for the kitchen floor.  He was actually willing to clean, he just wanted a certain implement to do it.  Now I thought we had a Clorox brand of wet mop hidden away, but it seems that it has vanished into the great unknown.  (We DID have one...I used it.  But that was probably 5-10 years ago.  Now that's a comment on my cleaning skills!)  His statement should have jumped out at me.  I should have RUN to the nearest store and got him one right then and there.  But I didn't.

Back to this morning when I am being all sad and depressed over my bathroom.  Why am I the one who has to clean it?  I know I've mentioned the floor (and tub) to the hubby before, but he has countered (perhaps rightfully so) with knee and back issues.  Which means I'm the one who gets down and does it. And then it hit me... (Like a bolt of lightning!)  Who said a wet jet had to be used in the kitchen?  Couldn't it be used on the bathroom floor too?  (Is there something like it that can use used in the tub and/or shower walls?)  Maybe it wouldn't be perfect, but heck, my scrubbing isn't perfect either.  

I carefully broached this to the hubby this morning before I dashed out the door.  And he said: "I mentioned this several weeks ago."  Smack yourself in the forehead girl!  What the heck have I been waiting for?  

I know they aren't cheap (and I don't have a coupon either), but I am going out at lunch and buying a wet jet (Swiffer or other brand.)  AND I'm getting a regular old Swiffer (or no name brand) too for the floors in the house that are covered with dust and dirt.  (The term multiply like bunnies applies tenfold to dust bunnies.)  I may even buy more than one of each (for upstairs and downstairs).  I certainly will bitch about the price (because I ALWAYS bitch about the price of supplies), but I am going to do it!  And soon I will have a (somewhat) cleaner bathroom floor, kitchen floor, floor floor!  

So I will continue to joyfully sing (at least in my head), "I'm picking out a wet jet for you.  Not necessarily a brand name, it's true..."  And if you see a lady skipping down the cleaning supply aisle at your local store humming the tune, you'll know it's me!  (Feel free to sing along!)

Update:  $50 later (with coupon) and I'm not dancing quite so much   This had better work as they advertise or I'm going to be one UNHAPPY lady!


  1. Hmm I wrote a long response but it seems to have gotten eaten. We like our Swiffer Vac for the laminate areas. It's a combo swiffer and mini vac and is cordless (after charging of course). It was a little expensive but does a nice job with all the hair in the house (mine and the cats.) It's tough, I think I inherited my mom's disdain for housework, don't get me wrong she always kept a clean house, she just hated it. Living with a former Marine we keep a pretty neat and tidy house. Leslie handles bathrooms, I'm not a good enough tub scrubber for him!


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