Super Tuesday: Let Me Tell You How To Vote

Although I am not in a state that is part of "Super Tuesday," nor am I in a state where a primary or caucus has already occurred, I am going to tell you how to vote.  My instructions are relatively simple:  Vote for the person YOU think is best qualified for the position.

It's that simple.

It doesn't matter who your neighbor is voting for.  It doesn't matter how many commercials you've seen for one candidate or another.  It doesn't matter what your favorite celebrity says.  It doesn't matter if the candidate is the same race, sex, religion, or any other plethora of social statuses.  What DOES matter is what YOU think.

You may not agree with all of what your candidate stands for.  As a matter of fact, chances are that you WON'T agree with everything.  But if he or she stands overall for what you believe in, and then vote for that candidate.

I believe that we, the American people, can make intelligent choices and decisions.  Despite all the name calling, the rumors and often, the downright lies, we are capable of making our own INFORMED decisions.  I think we know that being informed has very little to do with what's said in sound bites on TV or posts on social media.  We will be voting for the person who we feel will be the best person to run OUR country.  This isn't something we should take lightly.  I have confidence that most of us will take the time to make our own informed decision on who that person will be. 

I could tell you who I feel that person is, but that doesn't matter.  My opinion should not matter when it comes to casting that vote.  My opinion matters to me and it is worth sharing, but when it comes down to it, your decision is your own and should be based on your own thoughts and opinions.  I could yak on and on about why candidate x is better than y, but that's nothing but annoying.  (And I think we've all been annoyed enough with the media circus.)

So if you are in a state that is voting today; go out there and vote.  Vote for the candidate that best fits what matters to YOU, not to me or anyone else.  Today, YOUR opinion matters.  YOUR voice matters. 

Today and any day that you have the opportunity to cast your vote, cast it wisely.  Cut through the fluff and know who stands for what.  Know who aligns best with your thoughts and views.  That is the candidate you should vote for.  

That is how you should vote.


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