Spring Break?

Spring has officially been here for a little over a week and I am FREEZING!  (Yes, this post is about the weather!)  I had put away the winter coats and I am loathing bringing them back out again, but with rumors of the "s" word next week, I may have to.  (You know what that word is, don't you?  I don't dare say it out loud.)

Next week is spring break for my son.  I know some schools had break last week (before Easter).  Some have it this week (making my morning commute in a bit easier).  My son has it next week. In the past few years he and my husband have traveled with my in laws on spring break to locations south of us. (I don't get a spring break vacation.  I get to go to work.  My only "break" is that when they are away I have the house to myself to do what I want.  Of course after a long day at work, mostly what I want to do is just collapse.  My "treat" when they return home is laundry.)  This year my son will be "flying solo" with my in laws and they are headed north to Boston, where temperatures will be in the 30s for the first part of the week and three to five inches of snow are predicted on Tuesday!  So much for "spring" break.  

I'm sure they will make out fine and have a great time as they always do, but snow?  In April?  (Will they be able to find Plymouth Rock under it all??) I know it's possible.  And I know I shouldn't complain as we did have a relatively mild winter.  (For the first time in several years the school district has NOT used up all their snow days!)  However, the calendar is telling me its spring and I'm ready for it. 

Maybe I'm complacent with all the warm weather we had during the end of last year. Kids playing outside on Christmas day in their pajamas?  I was down with that.  A walk with just a sweatshirt in the early part of January?  What's wrong with that?  But as the calendar told me that spring was almost here, I pulled out the lawn furniture.  (Only to have it blow all over the place the other day when we had wind gusts of nearly 50 mph.  Now I don't have quite as many lawn chairs. March didn't come in like a lion and go out like a lamb this year!  It's been more like going as a wolf that wants to huff and puff and blow my house down!)  I even went and had a pedicure so that I could show off my feet in sandals.  (Of course I've already got a big chip in one which annoys me no end.  I only went one day before it happened!  Ugh!)  Now I'm back in tights and boots; though thankfully they are dress boats and not those fleece lined snow ones!

So will someone please let Mother Nature know that it's time for spring?  The flowers and trees are blooming (or trying to).  Let them do their thing!  Turn up the heat; turn down the wind.  Let the windows be opened and gentle breezes blow.

It's spring!  It's time for a spring break!  Please?  


  1. Nooooo not S%^& really? It's been such a weird mild winter down here that my herb plants from my garden didn't die off. Spring break here is next week as well. Hoping for some lighter traffic!


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