SOMWaD: Where Did the Summer Go?

So long ago and yet so close by, or so it seems when I think back on the last day of school.  Wasn't it only a day or so ago when the kids were rushing out of the school and another year was over?  Then I realize that how many weeks ago June 19th was. (9 weeks ago as I sit and write this; how could it have been that long ago?)  In other ways, it seems like years since summer began.  All that planning I did;  camps and summer activities for my son.  I spent month plotting and planning to assure that summer vacation would be busy AND fun. It seems like my planning took more time than the actual activities!

 Now that's all behind us as we gear up for the new school year.  I've plotted and planned for that as well.  (Despite what I said here:  I still have a few thing that I need; like gym clothes!)  This school year is a "big" one for our family, as our son heads "downtown" to the middle school.  It's a long walk.  (Much longer than the one to elementary school which was just a few blocks away.  And the walk home uphill can be a killer.  But if I could do it, my son can.  We're all about the walking.)  It's a slightly longer school day.  (Even more so if you count what is called "period 0" for those involved in band and chorus.  My son is signed up for both which means 3 days a week he will need to be there by 7:40 in the morning.  Since that's probably the time he'd START walking if it were a "regular" day, I'll be driving him, and possibly a few friends.  He will still have to walk up that hill at the end of the day with instrument in hand.)  I have a feeling there will be more homework and more whining about it.  As well as moaning about the uphill walk.

Those first days of school will still have a slight summer feel to them.  It will be hot during the way and the school "uniform" will consist of short sleeve shirts and shorts.  There will still be weekend treks to the NJ shore.  The beach will be less crowded, but the water will still be warm.  (No lifeguards so staying close to the shoreline will be a must.)  The drives home on Sunday afternoons/evenings will be faster (hopefully).  

Then the days and nights will start to cool.  Shorts will be put away.  Sweatshirts will be pulled out.  (Even though they will only be needed during the early morning walks.)  The calendar will officially declare that autumn is here.

When all is said and done, between the first and last days of school, 10 weeks will have flown past.  Every year they seem to fly faster.  As always, I will miss the summer (especially since this last one has really not been all that hot). But I look forward to autumn and the changes that it will bring.  (Although I will dread the end of autumn which brings more winter like weather and temperatures.)  And I know, that before I realize it, summer will be on the horizon again.


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