SOMWaD: The Nightmare is OVER (The Supply List Part 2)

It's Sunday afternoon.  We have dropped our son off for one last week at sleep away camp; along with millions of others.  (This is clearly the last week of any kind of schedule summer activity; after this the college students go back to school and that's that.)  I know he's going to have another great week.  And I know I am going to have a great week because I have made a major accomplishment today:  I have found the elusive  5-Star Flex 5-Subject College Ruled Refillable Notebook by Mead. (The cheering and applause may now commence.)

It was brilliantly displayed in this week's Staples circular.  On sale for only $10; down from the suggested price of $11.99.  (That's $10.70 with tax.)  They were right in the front of the store in a lovely display.  It was the final item on the list. (The French/English dictionary is optional so I'm holding off on that.)  I have to admit, I was tempted to buy more than one, just in case.  I debated over what color to buy (since folders and the  5-Star Flex 5-Subject College Ruled Refillable Notebook by Mead need to be the same color).  I held back and only bought one.

I came home and ticked the item off my list.  I found a coordinating folder and the 5 tabs (which  have yet to be labeled, so while my shopping may be done, my getting everything together and in order is still a task that needs to be completed prior to September 3rd).  As I went through everything, making sure that all was in order, I swear I heard the angels sing.  (Or maybe it was just the peach schnapps that I poured into my Peach Fanta Zero from the Coke Freestyle machine at the Wawa we stopped at on our drive home from the camp drop off.  This reminds me, I need to buy more Peach Schnapps.)

As I have been reminded, the official supply list has yet to be sent out.  (Along with the official teacher list.)  I COULD be way off base with supplies.  I COULD need more.  (Although in anticipation I purchased, when they were on MAJOR sale, additional folders, 3 subject notebook, 5 subject tabs and even a couple of one subject notebooks.  I went through old "art" supplies that had been lurking in a bin in a dark corner of my dining room yesterday and am comforted in the fact that I will NEVER need crayons, pencils, colored pencils, pens, or colored pens again.  So why the hell did I buy them AGAIN when I made my supply list?)  However, I am feeling pretty confident at the moment.  (Than again that could be the Peach Schnapps talking again.)

My nightmare is over.  The supplies have been purchased.  Hallelujah!!  (And AMEN!!)


  1. Too funny, reason 127 that I don't have kids ;) Just kidding, well no, no really kidding. My niece went back last Monday? How's that for early?


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