Brainwashed: Hair Fail

I tried this morning.  I REALLY tried.  But in the end, my obsessive compulsion pushed me over the edge:  I washed my hair.

I've seen the trend.  I've read the articles on line.  Hair washing is overrated.  It might actually be bad for you.  You shouldn't do it on a daily basis.  Shampoo strips your hair of its natural oils.  Shampooing makes your hair oiler.  Shampooing makes it dryer.  Try this new product that ISN'T a shampoo; it's better for your hair and see how strong and healthy the model's hair is.  (You KNOW what I'm talking about.  I KNOW you've seen the infomercial.  Even if you deny it, I know you've seen at least part of it.)  It seems that everywhere I look the message is:  DON"T SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR!

An unsurprising confession:  I am obsessive when it comes to my hair.  I DON'T have great hair.  I have baby thin oily hair.  I've tried to make my hair thicker using different "potions” I’ve used el cheapo shampoos and top of the line shampoos.  I've used mousses, gels and sprays.  I have a wide variety of combs and brushes.  I cannot live for more than a day without my blow dryer.  I only recently got rid of my hot rollers.  (And I had more than one set.)

Sometimes my hair looks great (for me).  Sometimes my hair looks like crap (and I have to try and deal with it.)  But no matter what I HAVE to wash my hair.  EVERY morning, I HAVE to wash my hair.  Is it an unhealthy obsession?  Maybe.  But it's one that I haven't broken...and I'm not sure that I should try to.

The longest I have ever gone without washing my hair is three days.  And that was when I was in the hospital for surgery.  The day of the operation, I washed my hair before I went in (a Tuesday morning).  I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday pretty much confined to the bed.  On Friday morning, I was sent home.  But before I was released, I was allowed to take a shower.  For the first time I saw myself in a mirror.  I was appalled by what I saw.  All I could focus on was the oily, ratty mess that was on my head.  I was horrified that my pastor at the time, who had visited me EVERY single day that I was there, had seen THIS!  I had been given a travel sized bottle of baby shampoo.  You can bet that when I got into that shower I used it.  Then used it again.  And then one more time until the bottle was empty.  I still didn't feel that it was clean!  I'm pretty sure I washed it again that night when I took another shower.  (It was summer and I recall it being extra hot that week.)

As I have gotten older, I've TRIED to obsess less about my hair.  At least one day a week (usually Saturday when I am not working), I may wash my hair, but NOT blow it dry.  I actually let it dry naturally with no product in it.  (Shocking confession:  I even went to work one day after washing my hair and NOT styling it.  I don't know if I'd be able to do it again, but I did do it!)  I do go out of my house in the morning without washing my hair, but only because it's early morning and I'm out there walking and sweating.  Most days I wear a hat...some days I'm more daring and just go.  Of course it's not fully daylight when I walk and there aren't a heck of a lot of people who will see me.

Today I thought I would try going without.  Ok, not completely without as I had some "Dry" shampoo (though sadly it was not Psssst, the brand from my childhood).  I followed the directions.  My hair didn't look bad, but it felt "funny" to me.  I tried to tell myself it was ok.  I tried styling it a couple of different ways.  I kept repeating to myself that it was no big deal; no one was going to notice.  (After all, I'm only obsessive about my own hair, not about anyone else's.).  I put it up.  I took it down.  I combed.  I brushed.  I got dressed for work.  I started to put on some make up.

And then I couldn't take it!

I washed, moussed, blew dry and styled my hair.  Did it look any better than it did before?  Maybe a little.  Maybe I'm just overly critical of myself.  But I just couldn't do it.

So I confess.  I'm brainwashed; I have been convinced by the haircare industry that I need to lather and rinse every day.  (I'm not THAT brainwashed that I later, rinse and repeat!)  As the haircare industry changes to try and tell me that I don't need shampoo and that I should try something different; well it's too late for me, I've been brainwashed for too long.


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