Why I Love My Dad

It's my dad's birthday today and I've been trying to think of what I could write about him and for him to show him how much I love him.  (Although I hope that has been obvious over the years.)  My thinking brought me about to some cool "trivia" about my dad that I thought was worth sharing.

  • He picks out the BEST greeting cards.  I know that on my Valentine's Day or my birthday I can rely on my dad to get me a card that "gets me."  He always finds something touching and yet has a sense of humor.  I'm not one for mushy sentimental cards (although my mom is and it took my dad a while to get that).  I like silly humor and even after all these years my dad manages to find a good one every time.  (Although he tells me it's getting harder and harder.)
  • He is a devoted Episcopalian.  He may not attend one particular one regularly (as my parents split their time between North and South Jersey and in the past also wintered in Florida), but he attends and participates nearly every Sunday of the year.  He gets involved and cares about each parish that he worships.  And these churches know that they can rely on him, and they do.
  • He's dedicated to the sailing programs on Barnegat Bay.  Throughout the season he is there every Saturday making sure that things run smoothly.  He believes in following the rules and regulations and what is right. And if a mistake is made, he is not afraid to make it known. I don't know how many years he's spent working with the BBYRA on Saturdays or with the NBYC on Sundays, but if its summer I know his weekend days are booked and it is truly a rare occurrence that he misses a race.
  • He (and my mom) taught me, through example, respect and responsibility.
  • He had Johnny Cash sign a "Hog Hat" at Newark Airport.  He used to travel for business a lot and way back when you could meet your party at the gate.  My dad had been to Arkansas and brought back a red plastic Razorback hat.  Johnny Cash must have been on the same flight.  Just like everyone else, he was waiting for his luggage at the carousel.  My dad got him to sign the hat.
  • He let me drive from Lewisburg, PA to the Jersey Shore when I had my learners permit.  Which goes to show that my father is brave AND has a strong faith.
  • He cried when he dropped me off for college.  (Or at least that's what my mom told me.)
  • He danced to YMCA at my wedding.  And he knows the words to "Sweet Caroline."
  • He folded up all the chairs and put them away the day after our wedding.  (Which he and my mom paid for and to this day people still talk about what a wonderful party it was. I have to say I agree.)   All my family helped with the clean-up that day and my dad made it fun.  (Fun enough that I remember it to this day and this year will mark my 18th anniversary.)
  • He helped "finance" my son.  Adopting a child is NOT inexpensive.  All of our family helped with the cost.  It was A LOT of money.  There was a last minute expense once our son had been born.  My father was the one who came up with the money that assured everything happened as it needed to.
  • He carried all our "stuff" in from the car when we brought my son home.  It may not sound like a big deal, but it was.  We had driven 6 hours with a newborn and our car was packed to the gills with stuff.  When we finally pulled into our driveway, my dad was next door mowing the lawn.  It was a hot day and he didn't want to get near the baby as he was dirty and sweaty.  But he did unload the SUV for us and that was a HUGE help for us.
  • He went with us to the courthouse in Newark when the judge legally declared our son ours.  (Although he was ours from second one).  How many people have family photos with a judge in a courtroom?  My father was there to support us and to be a part of that picture.
  • Inventor of "Foster Famous Crab Stick" (patent pending! ;-) ).  This infamous piece of driftwood was used as a measuring tool when crabs were caught.  If from tip to tip they were as big as the stick; they were keepers.  If not, they got thrown back.  I think the stick got lost in Hurricane Sandy, but a photo of my dad with it lives on.  Plus, to be honest, these days my father, being the man that he is, catches crabs just so that my son can see them.  They are set loose on the dock and thus the "crab races" begin.  I'm not sure if the winner is the crab that finds his way into the water first or last.  (In some cases my dad has to physically push the crabs towards the dock edge to help them along.)  For some reason my son loves this and thanks to my dad can tell you which crab is male and which is female.

Thanks dad for all of the above memories and more.  I'm so glad that I am your daughter.  Happy Birthday!


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