Summer's Day Song

Summer came this morning while I was out on my walk.  Although I didn't want to get up quite so early on a weekend, my body told me it was time.  So I got up and out I went.  It was a beautiful morning.  And I chose to take a very peaceful route with views of the NY skyline.  The weather was just right.  The sun was coming up and it was not too hot or too cool.  There weren't many cars or people (at least at the beginning of my walk) and with the Beatles on my iPod, I just walked along and enjoyed:  the sights, the scents, the warm sunshine and the gentle breeze.

Summer is finally here.  After the long and hard winter we had, I am grateful.

I am not sure if summer is my favorite season or not.  Certainly not the hot, sticky days in the middle of the season, although I'll take those over cold and icy/snowy.  But the beginning of the season when everything is just beginning.  And the end, when the feel of autumn is just starting, and yet the days are warm and the nights cool.  There is just a feel that is relaxing.

School wrapped up yesterday for my son.  Suddenly there is only more year of elementary school for him.  Where did the time go?  

For him, summer is a time of possibilities.  It is a time of freedom.  It's a time of exploration as he travels with his grandparents (without any parental supervision).  A time of maturation as he goes to sleep away camp and learns how to survive on his own.  A time of education (although he doesn't really see it that way) as he spends 3 (nonconsecutive) weeks at marine science camp. 

Summer brings so many wonderful things.  Yet the time seems to fly by.  Before I know it I will be purchasing supplies for the new school year.  (To be honest, the minute I got the supply list, I started looking.   There are lots of wonderful deals at the end of August, but I keep an eye out starting in June because sometimes you can get a better deal.  In this economy you have to be thrifty, and this year I am being more so than usual.  One of the required two 1" binders is from last somehow miraculously made it through third grade without being completely destroyed and at least one or two pocket folders are still viable for the next year.)

Summer, it has just begun and with it are so many wonderful possibilities. So many memories are just waiting to be made.  I can't wait to make them.


  1. Now that I am healthier and skinnier I am loving summer again! But it's those summer mornings I enjoy the most! Quiet and damp and not too hot. Kind of like the Magic Kingdom when they have just hosed down the street in the morning...


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