Presidents Day?

What is the point?  Forgive me for being cynical, but who are we honoring here?

Initially, the 22nd of February was a federal holiday celebrating the birth of George Washington.  The father of our country certainly deserves a holiday.  And in some states, Lincoln's Birthday (February 12th) was also celebrated.  Again, the Great Emancipator certainly deserves a holiday.  But now, neither are really celebrated (or recognized) and instead we get the 3rd Monday of the month as "Presidents Day".

Is it to honor all the men (and hopefully some day women) who have lead our country?  I would think such a holiday would be well deserved and observed.

But it seems like very few people get to "celebrate" or observe the holiday any more.  While schools and federal offices are closed, most businesses are up and running.  What is the point of Presidents Day other than to have an extended weekend sale?

Please do not get me wrong, I am not anti-holiday.  I just think the holiday should mean something.  And not just to a few, but to the majority.  I think that Presidents Day should be more than just sales.  That Memorial Day should be more than just the "unofficially" beginning of the summer.  That Patriot's Day/September 11th should be a day to reflect and remember.  That Veteran's Day should be a day where we actually show our appreciation to ALL veterans.

In all honesty, I don't see any way to make a change to the way things have turned out.  But I have made an effort on my part to ask my son what the day is and why is it important.  I try to take just a few minutes out of the day to explain the holiday and what it is really about.  It might not make an impact on the country, but it can make an impact on one kid.  And perhaps if more of us tried it, maybe we would change the way the holiday is viewed.

It's worth a try, isn't it?


  1. Our problem is that local kids and workers missed most of last week due to snow so having another day off (esp when I am waiting for building inspections) is a little frustrating...


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