Happy Valentine's Day: So I'm a Little Late

I have been under the weather for the past two weeks with this rotten cold thing that just won't go away.  Makes me miserable and those around me too (because they have to put up with my constant coughing and nose blowing).

Valentine's Day was just the other day.  I'm not a big fan of the holiday and never have been.  Don't know if it's because I never got flowers or candy from a boyfriend when I was dating, but I used to send my friends (when I was in college and for several years after) home made "anti" Valentine's Day cards.  They were not very crafty or even very creative:  just fold a standard piece of paper in half, draw a heart with an x through in on the front and inside write something semi-witty like:  You can't have Valentine's Day without VD.

While it's nice to get flowers or candy, I think love is shown in much simpler and kinder ways.  Like this past week while I've been feeling horrible, when I come home from work my husband has taken care of everything.  He's done the laundry, gotten dinner ready (which I was too sick to eat) and gotten our son to bed (something we usually do together) so that I can take a hot bath (the only thing that warmed me up) and just climb into bed and sleep (or try to).  Plus he's been putting up with this incessant cough that I have.  (I'm up at least once every hour of the night hacking away...and nothing seems to stop it...I've bought every over the counter medication I can think of, but am willing to take suggestions.)

But every year I do get one Valentine's Day card that I treasure and it's from my dad.  (It's always signed "Mom and Dad", but I know it's my dad).

I wasn't even thinking about it yesterday.  I rushed home from work (with drippy nose and and continual cough), picked up my husband (the kid was already safely stashed at my parents) and we went out not on a "hot date" for the holiday, but for our weekly trip to the supermarket (which is much easier to do when my son stays with my parents).  When we finally got home, I had to rush to get my son because the walk from my parents' house to ours was treacherous (even though it only may be a a few feet; the piles of ice and snow make even one step in the dark difficult).  I didn't even have a chance to see the mail until after 8:30.

And there it was in a pink envelope.  It's always a well thought out card.  It's always funny and always appropriate.  This year it featured Woodstock (from the Peanuts cartoons) and inside was a big, bright pop up sun (which with all of the snow we've had this year is DESPERATELY needed).  It was comforting to open...and I realized that I can't recall a year when I DIDN'T get a card from my dad.  And I can't recall a year when it didn't make me smile and glad that I have a dad who is an expert card picker-outer.

It was so late and I was so tired that I didn't get to thank my dad for the card until late today.  And while I said the words, I don't know if HE knows how much I really appreciate all the cards he's given me over the years.  When I think back I realize that every year for as long as I can remember my dad has given me a card for Valentine's Day that is just right.  And that's the only Valentine's Day card I really want or need.

Thank you Dad.


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