For Pete's Sake

Pete Seeger died last week at age 94.

To me, he always seemed to be an old man.  But then again the first time I saw him was when I was under ten years old and he was on Sesame Street.  All adults were old. And it was through this venue that I "met" the man and his music.  At that age I might not have known his name, but his face and his music quickly became familiar.

I saw him perform live only once.  It was at one of the Clearwater Festivals.  It was the highlight of the day.  How could it not be?  He sang out with passion.  He was inspiring with his music.

Now I don't care what your politics may be.  Maybe you agreed with Mr. Seeger or maybe you didn't.  That's neither here nor there.  No matter what end of the spectrum you might be on, you have to admire the man for his passion and convictions.  He never sold out.  He kept singing for what he believed in.  He never stopped.  Think of all the years, of all the decades that his voice never wavered.  Again, even if you disagreed with every thing the man stood for, you have to admire that.  How many people do you know in their nineties who are still out there marching for what they believe in?  (Although this time he was not carrying a banjo, but canes.)

I admire Pete Seeger for standing up all his life for what he believed in.  And again, I say, it doesn't matter if I believe in the same things  he did, what I admire is his dedication and perseverance to his beliefs.

He may no longer be physically on this earth, but his voice and his message will continue on.


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