Worth Watching: Time of Death

A series about death;  "real" death, not the glamorized or sensationalized stuff that television usually brings us, has been one of the most remarkable shows that I have seen on ANY channel EVER.  The series aired on Showtime on Friday nights and consisted of 6 moving and often painful episodes.

I'm not sure what the series is considered.  Reality?  It's realer than any other "reality" show that has ever aired on tv.  It's raw and emotional.  How could it not be?  It follows "average" people (although all are extraordinary in their own way) facing death.  It's NOT pretty, but it is incredibly moving.  Within a 52 minute period you are captivated by the stories.  Everyone has a story and "Time of Death" makes you realize that.

It also to some extent took away the fear of death for me.  It is there on camera for me to see -- literally as some of the stories actually capture the person's last minutes.  But even when the camera isn't there, it is still powerful and moving.

I wish I could better describe this series because it has reached out and touched me. Emotions well up within me with each episode and I realize that though everyone is different, we are also so very much the same.

I stumbled across the show  by accident and I am so glad I did.   Season 1 ended on Friday night.  I hope there will be a Season 2 because I will definitely be back to watch.  And to learn from people from all different walks of life and to hear their story.


  1. Did it make you sad? I'm just not sure I want to watch something that seems depressing?

  2. Yes, it does make me sad, but it is bittersweet. I don't think it's depressing.


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