Everybody's Talking...

Two topics seemed to be vying for the top spot last night and this morning; one serious and one silly.  I find it interesting (to say the least) how passionate people are on the silly topic and how much of less has been made (at least in the social/internet world) of the serious one.  So, in order to be "trendy" and "with it," I thought I'd post my thoughts on these two topics.

The Passing of Nelson Mandela:  It came as no surprise.  When a man is 95 and has been ill for many months, the outcome is rarely good.  But if you believe that death brings peace (since no one has ever gotten back to me on what it's like, I cannot attest to one end of the spectrum or the other), then after so many struggles and health issues, the man is finally at rest/peace.  And if this is the case, then there is no man more deserving.  He fought the fight for so long, and for the most part peaceably.  While I thought I knew the story, his passing made me take another look at his life.  Sure, I knew about his harrowing decades in prison and his long fight to end apartheid (something I had to explain to my son...not an easy task and in simplifying it seems to silly...really, how could something so ridiculously unfair and unjust have lasted for so long?).  What I didn't know (to my detriment) was his childhood story and his long road to become educated. His history is a fascinating one (and an imperfect one, as real life must be).  I was drawn in and am now eager to read his autobiography.  It is a sad comment (on me) that it took his passing to get me more interested in his life story and the history of South Africa, but I am certain I am not the only one and in order to continue the mission of the Nelson Mandela Foundation.  http://www.nelsonmandela.org/?origin=p90  

The Sound of Music Live:  What drama!  What controversy!  From: Carrie Underwood is a  no-talent singer who couldn't act her way out of a paper bag to Carrie Underwood was has the most amazing voice and what an incredible show.  The bashing, the gushing and of course the complaining that it didn't stay true to the movie.  So here's what I've got to say on the topic.  It was an wonderful experiment:  broadcasting a live musical performance that has been done for decades.  It was LIVE and there were plenty of tiny glitches (though nothing major); I thought I caught Carrie Underwood nearly trip as she sang "The Sound of Music."  She is NOT an actress, but she dared to try.  Musically she just got better as the night went on (personally, I felt "The Lonely Goatherd" was her strongest moment; and yes, that's where the song belongs in the stage version, there are no puppets).  Did I find her performance stiff and bland?  Yes, but I could see that she was putting her heart into and trying and I give her applause for that.  The Broadway vets shone the brightest (particularly Laura Benanti) and I can see potential for Michael Campayno and Ariane Rinehart.  

But the show is over now; so let's move on from our bashing or our gushing.  Maybe we can focus a little bit more on topics that are a little more relevant to our world.  (And no, I am not referring to the hottest toy on the market this holiday season.)


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