Nearly a Half Century Ago

It's going to be a warm May day today in NJ. It was a hot May day 49 years ago today.  Or so I am told.  (I'm not THAT old...yet!)

It was 49 years ago today that my parents were married.  My mother has often told me that it was so hot that day that when they went to kiss at the end of the ceremony (in an non-air conditioned sanctuary) that she could see a drop of sweat on the tip of my father's nose.  (How's that for romance?).

My parents were married in the same town that they still live in.  The one that my mother grew up in, I grew up in and that my son continues to grow in.  They were married in the same church that my mother, my son and myself still attend.

Things were a bit different back then.  One of the worries on my mother's mind that day (and I'm sure there were more than just this) was that my father's Uncle Ed would take a photo during the ceremony.  The minister at the time did not permit flash photography. (was there any other kind?) If any photos were taken, he would stop the ceremony.  Uncle Ed was a photography buff and if he wanted to take a picture, he was going to take it.  My mother went through the ceremony in fear that there would be that flash and then...
These days photo taking in this same church is a usual occurrence.  And not just during weddings!  The little things that have changed in the past 49 years.

I've seen the photos of that day in their wedding album:  big black and white ones.  I don't think I've seen any casual snap shots.  (I don't think I've even seen any that I have to assume Uncle Ed would have taken.  I don't know if he didn't take any at all or if they have been lost).  There are the women in their hats and gloves; the men in their tuxedos.  It's all so formal.

After all was said and done 49 years ago, my parents spent the night in some airport hotel and then flew off to Bermuda for their honeymoon.  Today they will be driving (probably through a thunderstorm) back to the NJ shore where they will wait for their new furniture to be delivered.  (If you read my previous entry you'd think that most of it had already been delivered.  Not the case...but that would lead to a rant on delivery services and customer service at a certain furniture store in Tom's River that doesn't seem to have any.)  Not very romantic.  (Although I don't know how romantic an airport hotel could be either.)

49 years is a long time for a couple.  My parents have been through a lot in those years.  But they are still together and are an example to me of marriage and life is all about.  Through the good and bad you get through it together.  It may not be easy, but it is a life to be proud of.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!


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