I Don't Like Getting Up In The Morning

Although I'm an early morning person (I do my best work before noon), I don't like getting up out of my nice, comfy bed.  (I could rave on about my sleep number bed and "My Pillow", but no one's paying me for endorsements, so...).  I usually wake a little before 5 AM (before the alarm) and it's dark and I just don't want to get up.  Sleeping just a few minutes more is always so enticing.

But I do get up.  And now that spring is REALLY here (at least in NJ...I've seen some of those shocking photos from the Midwest where the winter winds do not want to blow away), I've been getting my sweats on and hitting the pavement in the morning.

Let me backtrack a little (and I know, I'm always doing that); I've always been a walker.  But over the past year and a half I've been doing my walking "inside" to a fast paced DVD.  However, after all that time, I'm getting a little tired of the same routine and with the birds singing and the warmer temperatures, I've been lured back outside.

Those first few steps are never that much fun.  It's dark and still a little chilly. (It's only been over the past two days that my hands have NOT been cold as I walk).  But as it gets lighter I can see all the wonderful things around me.  The trees are in bloom (or are starting to bud).  The daffodils are out.  The moon is still visible as I go along.  Then after I make my "turn around," the sun is starting to come up on the horizon.  (Believe me you really notice how much earlier the sun rises when you go out and walk just before dawn.  It used to be I knew it was a little after 6 because it was getting light.  Now it's lighter much earlier and it makes for an even more enjoyable walk).

It's the perfect time to see everything in a new light.  Things that you might not have even noticed in your neighborhood.  I've lived in the same general area for most of my life, yet on my morning walks I always find new things.  Houses that I've never really paid attention to before, but look so inviting (now if someone would just call for me to come out and let me check out the nooks and crannies).  Bunnies that frolic; squirrels that race.  And always, the twittering of birds.  Or in some cases, pecking...as I know there are several woodpeckers living in and around town.  I have rarely seen them, but I have heard them and their pecking noises carry for blocks and blocks.

While morning might not the the right time for everyone, as spring is finally making it's appearance (to most of us, that is...my apologies to those in those still snowy states) take the time to go out for a walk.  It doesn't need to be for a hour or even a half hour.  Just a few minutes.  Look around.  Really see what your neighborhood looks like.  Enjoy.  Take it in and let the joy that is spring fill your heart.  I promise, you'll be glad you did!


  1. You are brave to walk in the dark in the morning. Although I always feel very safe in my neighborhood I probably wouldn't walk alone in the dark. I look forward to getting back to feeling good and walking though. I much prefer outside to the treadmill!


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