The Tree on 2nd Avenue


There has been a tree on 2nd avenue for the holidays for several years.  Actually, that's misleading.  There has been a tree at the top of the 2nd avenue beach for several years.  How many years I don't know.  How this treasured tradition started, I don't know.  There is probably a wonderful story to tell behind it.  However it is not my story to tell.

I have visited the tree over the years.  The years that I have been down here in the winter, visiting my parents.  Usually this is after Christmas, so the tree is full of decorated shell ornaments.  There are none left to decorate and hang.

This year was different.  I'd actually forgotten about the tree when I went for a walk up to the ocean.  It was so nice (and relatively warm for a December day), that I decided to walk on the sand. I was just going to walk a block or two.  (I started at 8th avenue.)  However, I went further and by the time I was at 5th, I could see the tree in the distance and decided to keep going.  I wanted to check the tree out.

As I walked, I could see people by the tree, but I wasn't moving very fast, so by the time I got there, it was deserted.  Just me and the tree.

For the first time, I could see and follow the directions.

There were still some unused shells in the bin.  I felt that this was the year that I should hang a shell.  So I took one and used some markers to write my message.  To be clear there were plenty of lovely decorated shells.  It is obvious that there are some serious artists in the area.  I am NOT one of them.  Art is NOT my forte, no matter how much I might wish it is.  

This was all that I managed.  (And it wasn't done that well, but...)

Simple and direct; which pretty much sums up my parents as well.

I took the zip tie and attached it to the tree.

And that's where it will stay (hopefully) until whoever comes after the holidays are over and takes it down.  

I hope to visit it again before the year is out.  (It is my plan to come back down during the holiday week, but we all know how my plans have gone this year.)

Until then, it gives me comfort, to know that the tree is there and that "my" ornament (no matter how bland and unimaginative) is part of it this holiday season.


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