Senior Mom Freaking Out


Please note, I have just downed a large Not-So-Basic Pumpkin Spice Latte which while not completely responsible for any craziness in this post, will fuel it.  Ready?

It's the last day of September.  It's the last September that my son will be in our public school system.  His senior year is blazing along and I am freaking out.  I'm trying not to, but I'm failing miserably.  There's so much to do and decide.  Mostly that's on my son's plate (should that be platter?) and knowing that freaks me out!

Let's start with something basic; the senior portraits.  My son's photos were taken on the last scheduled day and we got the proofs electronically last Friday.  (While we were on the road to Syracuse.)  As soon as I could, I was looking at them and trying to figure out what to do.  There are 12 poses (including a couple in cap and gown) and there were only 2 that I really didn't like.  I couldn't pick just one (because how can you NOT get a cap and gown photo and you have to get a "traditional" one for the yearbook).  And I wanted all the poses (with the exception of the two that I didn't like), which meant I was going for the most expensive package (of course).  And when I say expensive, I mean EXPENSIVE!  (Or maybe I'm just a cheapskate?).  But this is a BIG event in my son's life (heck, in all our lives) so I went for it.  (Which is exactly what the photography studio wants you to do!  Well played!)  You know things are pricey when you can get $100 DISCOUNT on the package.  (Don't ask...just don't ask!)

Then I had to pick out what photos I wanted in what size.  Too many photos that I don't need, but...I'm going to be sending out tons of photos to people who probably don't give a rat's behind because I'm going to want to get rid of all these photos.  (So friends be warned!)

Freak out #2:  College visits.  We've been to 4 (as outlined in my previous post) and are heading to our 5th tomorrow.  Then there's another tentative visit to NYC to meet with representatives from a school in Chicago! (Let me be perfectly clear, I DO NOT want my son going to Chicago, but I also want what's best for him and his future.  If this particular school IS it [I'm thinking not, but...] I THINK I would suck it up and that would be that. ) Of course there is the question of how that is happening.  I know I'm not going to the city for this.  My husband has volunteered to go with my son and show him the ropes of the bus and subway.  My son has said he has friends that are going and they could all go together.  (I'm not 100% on board with that, but...)  However, NO ONE has made a plan yet.  A plan needs to be made to coordinate bus schedule (which will get him into the city too early or too late) and subways so that he gets to the building on time.  This all needs to be discussed.  (But I'm thinking it should be done AFTER our college visit tomorrow.  One school at a time, right?)  Finally, there's an open house to The College of NJ we have on our calendar (we visited the campus in the rain in the summer, so we really need to get a better idea of what campus life is like) which wraps up October.  November has a trek to SUNY Purchase and that is it.  

Or is it?  Will we have seen enough schools?  Is there something we have missed?  Why hasn't my son done more research?  Why is he not more focused on his future?  (Answer:  He's a teenager.)  

Which leads us to the application.  Why hasn't he started the common app yet?  Why hasn't my husband started the FAFSA?  (Financial aid completely freaks me out!)  Why hasn't he asked for teacher recommendations yet?  (Why is he not asking the teacher that I think would write the best recommendation for him?)  The clock is ticking...ticking...ticking!

I know what you are thinking...I'm totally out of control.  Maybe I should turn that latte in for a tranquilizer?  Hold back on the caffeine and try some deep cleansing breaths?  You'd be absolutely right.  I'm totally freaking out over nothing. (But it's NOT nothing screams my brain.)  All WILL get done (praying, praying) and all WILL work out for the best. (Please universe.) Logically, I know this, but...Logic has very little to do with the overwhelming emotions of a senior mom with only 9 months left till her baby boy walks out on that field in cap and gown to pick up that piece of paper and start a new journey.

One final crazy and freaked out as I am, I would be in a worse state of mind if it weren't for Keys To College. I've been to several of their FREE webinars and their advice and guidance has been incredibly helpful.  (Would I have known what FAFSA was without them?)  As stressed as I am, whenever I finish up a session with them I feel much better informed and in control. 

So say your prayers, send me good wishes, but DON'T try to slap me.  (Although I may deserve it.)  Be kind to me and I take another deep breath and try not to freak out.


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