An Easter Mystery

 Happy Easter to all who celebrate.  It's a beautiful (but COLD) sunny day here in NJ.  I wish it were warmer,  but mostly I wish I could solve this mystery that literally landed at my front door last night.

My family had a long day on Saturday.  We drove down to see my parents and to celebrate Easter with them a day early.  We helped out a little around the house.  We drove back.  Which might sound too tiring, but I did have my teen son do some of the driving (he has his permit) and that can definitely be stressful!  It was a nice sunny day, but it got cold and dark by dusk, so I was happy to jump into a hot shower, jump into bed and watch some tv. My husband had fallen asleep, it was raining outside and I'd turned off the light.  Of course I fell asleep.  (Something that my mother always does at night; I never understood it, until I hit a certain age and now I do it EVERY single night!)

When I woke up (maybe a 20 minutes later), hubby was still snoring beside me and my son was in his room with his headset on.  (A typical evening scene in our household.)  I grabbed my phone to check out the time (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), I saw that our Ring had detected motion at the front door.  Usually Alexa announces that there is motion, however I didn't hear it (or "she" didn't say anything).  I thought perhaps the storm or a deer (which are pretty populous around here) set it off.  So I took a look.

What I saw was a woman leaving a bag by our front door.  I couldn't really see her face, but I thought it might be my neighbor.  So I got out of bed and went doorstairs to check it out.

On my doorstep there was a plastic grocery bag (from Fresh Grocer).   I brought it in.  Inside that bag was a largish ziploc bag full of plastic Easter eggs.  Could this be from my neighbor?  I also found a sheet of paper.

Clearly this was NOT for me...or for anyone in my family.  On the back of the note was handwritten:


Our street address

1 bag

Inside the eggs (because I had to look) are little toys and/or candy.  I know one of our local organizations had been doing a fundraiser where they would leave eggs on your front lawn for a child for Easter.  Last night was so miserable, I assume that they were unable to do so.  (Hence the bag.)  But I don't know where the eggs are meant to go.  

While there are plenty of kids on my street, there is no Johnny.  The last name is on the note (which I covered in the photo) didn't help me when I Googled it and my town.  (It gave me a local business; I don't think Johnny would be hunting for Easter eggs there.)  It COULD be my street address in another town, but I feel that's unlikely.

So here I sit, with a bag of treats.  Since I'm not sure what to do, I've written this.  If, by some chance, your "Johnny" was supposed to get a surprise from the Easter bunny, reach out to me.  (You can do so by leaving a comment on this post...I check regularly.)  Or if you are the woman who delivered a bags of goodies in the dark, cold and rainy night; please double check your list and let me know where this was supposed to go.

"Johnny," there IS an Easter bunny...and she wants you to get your treats.  This Easter, if you can, please help a bunny out.

Update:  Just call me Nancy Drew...the mystery has been solved!  

I got to thinking about the fundraising I reached out to a friend whose daughter might be involved.  She confirmed that they had delivered eggs last night, but had been unable to "hide" them because of the whether and that instead they had left a bag and note. She was able to reach out to the organizer, who in turn found the family (it was the right street address, but a different town which had not been noted when the order was placed.)  Withing 30 minutes she was at my door to pick up the eggs and get them to the correct destination.  Now that is what I call dedication.  And I hope the Easter bunny left HER a nice basket for all her hard work.


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