You Call This A Pocket?


I know the photos aren't that good, but the first is of a lipstick in the front pocket of a pair of pants from Talbots.  The second is the same pocket with a credit card in it.  They can barely fit!  What is the point of a pocket if you can't put something in it?

It is 2021.  Why are women's clothes, specifically pants and skirts minus pockets?  Women need pockets too.  Seriously, we are not carrying pocketbooks all the time. (Ha!  There's a title...maybe now I know WHY they are called pocketbooks because we don't have the pocket!)

Which brings me to the next question. Why when these items DO have pockets are they so teeny tiny?   What is the point?  I could barely jam a lipstick or a credit card in there.  Can you imagine if I tried to shove my driver's license and a car key in there?  It just wouldn't work.  So what is the friggin' point?

Even the back pockets are pretty small.  
I could get half a mask inside it.  I could get my license in there, but probably not my keys.  (They would be painful to sit on).  

I am a pseudo-average, ordinary woman.  I'm not incredibly active (I'm not running any marathons), but I do sometimes need to carry something with me that is not a purse.  I need functional pockets.

For example, I wear pants when I volunteer at my local thrift shop.  As I move around the shop, hanging up items and helping customers, I want to have my phone with me.  I can't carry my purse with me as I work; it isn't functional.  Neither are the pockets on the pants above.  And wearing a jacket isn't an answer either.  For one thing I would get too hot.  For another, many ladies jackets have small pockets too.

It doesn't make sense.  It doesn't matter what make or brand...for the most part, ladies pockets are just too darned small.  It's not just me.  Google "Why are women's pockets so small?"  There are tons of articles about it and even more complaints.

Let me just put it plainly.  Women need pockets.  We need functional pockets.  A place where we can put a cellphone.  (Can you imagine me trying to shove a cell phone into the pockets of the pants above?  Not even a flip phone would make it.)  A place where we can actually put our hands.

I  have actually started to look for pockets when checking out clothing.  No pockets, no purchase.  (Even when it comes to thrifting.)  So who's with me?  No pockets, no purchase.  Could this actually hurt the clothing industry?  Would it hit them where it really hurts; in the wallet?  And do their pant have pockets big enough to hold that wallet? If you want my money in there...give me a real pocket.


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