Random Thoughts For A Wednesday The 13th


It's not Friday the 13th, it's Wednesday and there are a lot of random thoughts rushing around in my mind.  None of which would make a proper blog post, so I thought I'd just throw them out here and see what happens...

  • Since today is a Wednesday, it is NOT an early day at school.  As I may have mentioned 4 days a week, my son has to be in school by 7:20 for choir (which is period 0) and we all know how much teens LOVE to get up early to be in school.  However, Wednesdays are (usually) the one day a week he doesn't have to be there till 8:15.  BUT...this Wednesday is PSAT day (remember pre-gridding from a little over a week ago?  Here's a reminder of that and all the other fun October tests going on:  https://bfthsboringblog.blogspot.com/2021/10/i-need-guidebook-or-road-map-or.html).  So he has 3+ fun hours of testing to look forward to before lunch, then 6 shortened classes.  However, the classes are shortened (down to 25 minutes each) there is no break between any of them and the day actually runs 8 minutes later.  So a short, but not so short day.  All to get this test out of the way (and I know he'll have to take the SAT next year).  A test which will show educators and his future college that he is a slightly below average test taker.  I know he could go to classes to teach him how to take/do better on the test, but I'm not going that route.  We did Huntington Learning Center several years ago and while it didn't hurt (much), I don't think it really helped either.  (Sorry.)  It did seriously hurt my wallet, so we've decided (I've decided?) that he should just go in and do it and let whatever happen happen.  Hopefully this will take some of the stress and tension off of his shoulders, but probably not.
  • His day does not end after the final bell rings though because he has a play rehearsal afterwards.  I'm hoping that with the shortened classes, he won't really have any homework because the rehearsal will go till about 5.  I think he's going to be tapped out after 3 hours of testing, classes and rehearsal.  However, rehearsal is a good thing.  Being back in a somewhat normal setting (they are all wearing masks) in the school for a production is definitely a good thing.  Theater has done so much for my son and I'm not just talking about the productions.  (Although they are a big part of it.)  He's met new people and made friends that I don't think he would have if it weren't for being part of this group.  (I'll never forget his freshman year when he called me during his lunch period, something he's NEVER done, to tell me he got a part in "Comedy of Errors".)  Before the pandemic hit, he had an incredibly active social life...parties and gatherings.  I know we're not quite there yet, but we seem to be moving in the right direction and I can't wait to see the show in November.  (Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan.)
  • Speaking of the fall drama, I am heading up (or co-heading up), the parent group for theater program.  We had our first IN PERSON meeting at the school last week since February 2020.  This may have been the best meeting ever; not because of me, but because we could actually meet and people actually came.  (Zoom meetings last year were sparsely attended.)  Everyone was appropriately masked (with no complaints) and even better everyone seemed willing and able to help out.  I know we are still not out of the woods, but it felt so good to see these people (even if I couldn't recognize or remember them all).  
  • This month started off with my son taking driving lessons.  He still has at least one more to go (I scheduled him for 8 hours of behind the wheel, even though you only need 6.)  He has gotten more confident, but I don't think they have tackled parallel parking.  In my book that this the scariest and most difficult thing to do.  (I still don't really do it...I went to the Bronx over the weekend and had to park on the street...it was my worst nightmare and completely stressed me out!)  I'm anxious for him to get his permit and to get him driving. Driving with him doesn't scare me (yet), but the cost of car insurance once he gets his license (which will be next autumn if all goes according to plan) scares the crap out of me.   I've heard of costs tripling!  I've heard of NJ families paying $6000 or more a year!  Yikes...I'm having heart palpitations!
  • Let's talk lunch; I make it/pack it for my son.  He's a pretty dedicated peanut butter and jelly kid, but I try to mix it up a little every now and then with roast beef or turkey on rye with mustard.  Yesterday when I picked up sliced turkey for him, I decided to try Unreal Deli's Roasted Turkey for me.  (Which is NOT real turkey; its plant based since I cannot eat poultry, but wish I could.)  I have to say it was pretty unreal and not in a good way.  When I opened the package, there were this grayish slices that didn't taste much like turkey (at least to me.)  I'm a fan of Gardein's turk’y cutlet and plant-based turk’y roast.  Both are pretty good.  (I've even gotten my guys to eat the roast.)  They aren't perfect and I don't know if they really taste like turkey, but they have the spices/flavors that go with a turkey meal so I really like them as an alternative.  I'll be passing on faux turkey slices in the future. (I'll finish up what I purchased because it was pricy, but I'll be adding lots of mustard, pickles, etc. to my sandwich.)
  • On my to do list for this week:  get to a locksmith.  As I mentioned above, I went to the Bronx over the weekend.  Hubby and I were attending a party and we left the kid home.  He was out and about and I made sure he had his keys with him.  He never remembers his keys and he never uses them because when he goes out, we're home and leave the door open.  He's had problems with the front door lock before and I'll admit it can be difficult because it's old.  But it's a wonderful old door and I'm not willing to give it up.  (Completely serious.)  He also has a key to the back door (which works on both of the locks for the door), but I don't think he'd ever used them before.  You can guess where I am going with this, can't you?  We're heading home in massive traffic (because there is ALWAYS massive traffic) and he can't get in the house.  I'm thinking he's an idiot, but I would be wrong (and a bad mom.)  While the front door WAS jammed, his backdoor key DID fit both locks, but wouldn't turn.  Why would he have a key for the backdoor that wouldn't work?  (Bad mom.)  Luckily it wasn't too cold out and it hadn't started raining because he was stuck outside for about an hour and a half (bad mom) and I have to get him a key.

There's more random thoughts rambling around in my head, (like the warm weather and who IS the killer on Only Murders in the Building) but I think I've rambled enough for one day.  Or at least for a Wednesday the 13th!  Remember only 18 days to the spookiest day of the year; Halloween!


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